Tennis thread


I am a big tennis fan, it’s my number one sport right after football (soccer), I play it twice a week and I love it.

Any tennis players or fans around here? What’s your favorite player?


I enjoy playing tennis. I used to play a few times a week. I enjoy watching competitive matches. Not a true fan of one player.


I am a big tennis fan. I have been playing and watching tennis since I was a kid. I also don’t really have a favorite, but I do like Serena Williams. Some of my all time favorite players have retired from the game.


I love tennis. This is because my dad introduced me to it at a young age. I never got good at it though. I remember getting beaten at the first round at our sports fest back in high school. Lol.

As for my favorite tennis player? That would have to be Roger Federer. He shows grace and elegance whenever he’s playing.


Hello caparica007, i am a big fan of tennis aswell, at age of 15 i started to practive tennis with a coach for a three years, after that i just playing twice a week tennis aswell, except some weeks when i am lazy and doing only once! My favorite tennis player its Roger Federer!


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Federer would also be one of my favourites, despite the fact he hasn’t won in quite some time. It’s nice to see someone of his age still being quite big in the sport. Many others would have retired by now.