Bring on the weekend!:surrender

I’m with you!

Others might get jealous.:smiley:

i am so ready for the weekend!

It looks like another wet one but I am still expecting to play golf tomorrow.

we are going out of town. after the last two weeks that i have had i work, i need a little space from here!

I have two more Singstars

That and the kids will be my highlight of what could be a pretty meh weekend!!

So, I googled TGIF just to have something funny to post up…the results were lame at best and this was thrown into the mix just for good fun:

Don’t you DARE piss on my TFIF parade!!

Although, being a conscientous objector…I smiled anyway. :smiley:

Fuck that I am about to leave to GA for a funeral

Erf…sorry to hear that…


and I’ve got hot plans for tonight :wink:

[quote=“Wookiegirl, post: 1076674”]It’s FRIDAY
and I’ve got hot plans for tonight ;)[/QUOTE]

Excellent! :nod:

… as do I … :cool

[quote=“RedRyder, post: 1076675”]Excellent! :nod:

… as do I … :cool[/quote]:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :wink:

No hot plans for me. We are going to visitation for my friend who passed away.