The Alibi

[SIZE=4]A wife is having sex with her husband’s best friend one day. Soon the phone rings, so she answers it. [/SIZE]
[SIZE=4]“Yes… uh, huh… OK… yes… bye.” [/SIZE]
[SIZE=4]Her husband’s best friend says: “Who was it?” [/SIZE]
[SIZE=4]“That was my husband,” she replied. [/SIZE]
[SIZE=4]The man jumped out of bed, and tried to put on his clothes in a hurry. [/SIZE]
[SIZE=4]“Relax,” said the wife. “He just called to tell me he was out playing golf with you” [/SIZE]

Turn about’s fair play I suppose. :smiley:

Its predicted and coincidental fairplay

hahahahahaha love it

That’s awesome.

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Too funny!

:24: funny stuff

pretty funny

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