The anger bug

Well, I’m feeling alot better. I guess I just needed a good nights sleep. After being switched to the morning shift, my sleeping changed. I havent been that grumpy in a long time. Thanks for your support OTz. :wink:

Any good customer relations stories from yesterday? You tell anyone to shove the phone up their ass or anything like that?

LOL I was close man! I hope to actually do that some day. Maybe when I find another job, I will come in on my last day and really lay in to someone who deserves it.

glad your feeling better Boomer it was a bad month for me to but i’m back on track .:wink:

Heya Homer! Good to have you back dood!

yeah been keeping my self on the go and now it’s getting nice out so i’m thinking of doing some traveling maybe some camping .:smiley:

Camping! Ah I love camping man. I need to plan a trip.

get a room you 2

The anger bug will dig in deep I tell ya.

I know how that bug can get to ya, cept mine normaly jumps straight to the rage bug and I have to get away from civilization to cool down, hence why I go camping about once a month…lol

I don’t get really angry often, but when I do I bet it’s pretty scary for whoever’s around.

I get upset and the obscenities start to fly! :rant:

When I get angry I just have to switch off from everything and get away from everyone real. I usually do this by having a piss up while playing Playstation.