The Barclays Premier League Sticky


I know, you don’t need to shout at me straight away :stuck_out_tongue:


Chelsea… FTW!
However my first choise was west Ham. Classmates used to joke to call it west halal chicken:D!


The Chelsea Owners/Management are just money-grabbing scumbags who don’t choose skill over money.


It’s always nice to see Newcastle getting beat.


They’re bottom of the League! :smiley: XD


Someone really needs to establish a ‘dislike’ button :stuck_out_tongue:


Just by the look of things I think Chelsea will win double trophies this season. I don’t want to write off Arsenal but I am sure that Mourinho has something to prove this season. It’s too early to predict but all I know is that Chelsea won their game today although I didn’t get a chance to watch it.


Chelsea looking stronger than ever. Manchester United look lost under Louis van Gaal.


The Burnley v Man U match was an entertaining relegation six-pointer I must say.


Which team do you guys hate the most? Has to be Man City for me. I detest theirs and Chelsea’s ownership and business model, but at least Chelsea do it with charisma…


Man City definitely because their attitude is ‘We’ve got the money so we’ll buy ourselves the cup’


A lot of my friends are Newcastle, Liverpool and Middlesbrough fans so I’ve got a friendly rivalry with them (although I actually quite like Liverpool). Also, one of my friends is a Crystal Palace fan so I like seeing them get beat…

The team I despise the most… Man City probably. Just flinging money around. Also has nothing to do with the fact that they stole the Capital One Cup from us…


Man U. Fans seem to think they have some sort of birthright to finish in the top 4. I’m enjoying their downfall. Villa as well, because I support Birmingham, so I like to see them get beat.


They’re not Premier League, but I also hate Leeds. They smashed up our (Barnsley) away end a couple of years ago.


What! Villa are lovely!


What blasphemy!


Or do you mean you don’t like them because they’re better than you :slight_smile:


Well, let’s just say it pains me to see them where they are in the league at the moment. :stuck_out_tongue:


Interesting day yesterday. I was glad to see Arsenal and City draw, and it was unusual for Liverpool to lose at home to Villa. Looks like Chelsea are going to walk the league, but I’d love to see a total underdog sneak into the top 4 (I can hope).


I think Southampton or Swansea could do it.