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@“AndWhyNot” Or Villa, it seems. Very early days though.


Gotta be the might Bolton Wanderers… oh wait fuck :frowning:


Know that feel. Just relegated to League 1.


No Championship thread =( Further reminders of Leeds’ current situation.


@“Campo” the Championship’s included in the Football League sticky.


Haven’t seen that sticky, marvellous. Cheers.

  1. Chelsea

  2. City

  3. United

  4. Arsenal/Liverpool

Going to be another long and inconsistant season for my Tottenham I do feel.

  1. Chelsea

  2. City

  3. Arsenal

  4. Liverpool


Everyone thinks Chelsea will win the league. I have to agree with them.

  1. Chelsea

  2. Liverpool

  3. Man City

  4. Arsenal

  1. Chelsea

  2. City

  3. Arsenal

  1. Man Utd :smiley:


The Leicester City - Manchester United game yesterday was a cracker!


Loved it! I’m not a Man U fan, but part of me kind of misses them at the top. They’re the flagship of English football with their stadium and income. Bayern v Man City didn’t excite me as much as Bayern v Man Utd used to.


Being a Leeds fan, I naturally want Man Utd to do bad. I must admit though, I do feel a slight sorrow for them, having been so great to lose, arguably, the best manager the world has seen, and then to capitulate.

The Bayern-Man City game I did feel was rather drab and boring. There were exciting elements, such as that cracking goal from Boateng, did make it a bearable watch at the very least. I would have to agree that Bayern-Man Utd games have a reputation of being very exciting.


I expect I’ll wake up tomorrow to find Pardew gone.


Take a bow Ronald Koeman!


Chelsea are flying


Just gonna make a new top 4 prediction:

  1. Chelsea
  2. Man City
  3. Southampton
  4. Arsenal


[QUOTE=“Allegrif, post: 41151, member: 1”]@“AndWhyNot” Or Villa, it seems. Very early days though.[/QUOTE]


Ahhh, isn’t hindsight great? :stuck_out_tongue: Ehhh… Once Benteke is back from suspension, Lambert is sacked, and we play Bent/grealish/okore… Things might get better. Saw some improvement against Tottenham.

[QUOTE=“AndWhyNot, post: 49064, member: 965”]I expect I’ll wake up tomorrow to find Pardew gone.[/QUOTE]

And again, isn’t hindsight great?


I honestly think Man U could win the league. If Chelsea went on a crap run and Aguero got injured, Van Gaal could inspire United to 1st place. Especially as the Champions League will likely take it’s toll on Chelsea and Man City if they get through. It’s a long shot, but possible.