The Behavioral Sink



Check out the Mouse Utopia Experiment and the Behavioral Sink.
Here are some articles on the subject:

(I can’t afford to buy the Scientific American entry, sorry)
The introduction of wide spread pan-sexuality, laziness, chaos, loss of social cohesion and ability. Tell me what you lot think of this and if this behavior is reflected upon our largest populated urban centers.


I think its a given that if any animal is put into such close quarters at all times they will act aggressively and strangely. The issue is one of physical space, if this same population was given a larger area but every other variable was kept the same I reckon there’d be no change in behavior. Ultimately I don’t think the experiment can apply to human society as we don’t technically live in such close quarters. It can perhaps however explain aspects of our society like the way we behave in overcrowded prisons.


The experiment actually lead to the conclusion that physical space didn’t really play as big a part as social space. Being constantly exposed to others, forced to interact, lacking any breaks of privacy; this leads to disorders, social and mental disorders.


Social and physical space are intrinsically linked. If you have no physical space it is impossible to have social space so you can’t prove that it was as a result of either. To add, the introduction of constant social media exposure for instance which can only be considered lack of social space rather than physical by no means leads to the conclusions of this experiment in human culture, social media in fact probably leads to far less violence.