The Best Movies Released in 05


its a 3 way tie between War of the Worlds, Wedding Crashers, and Mr. & Mrs. Smith all great movies


War of the Worlds was a great movie, was alittle different than I expected but nevetheless some great acting and effects, and a great plot.


What about Willy Wonka…


Final Fantasy: Advent Children? Anyone? No? Come on, you must have seen it already! It’s just an amazing work of art, both musically and aesthetically pleasing. Nobuo Ouematsu has done yet another perfect job in providing the best music possible for the movie.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith was also an excellent movie. Not only was it successful in mixing comedy and action so well, the script was carried out nicely. It was a bit confusing and slow at the start - but it gets so damn good you just don’t what the movie to finish. I love the part where Mr. Smith starts kicking his wife into floor.


I never saw Mr. and Mrs. Smith yet… Guess I’ll have to go check that out sometime.


War of the Worlds was great.


ooooh i just thought of hellboy that was an awsome movie too


I thought Hellboy was TERRIBLE. The main character was an annoying sunuvabitch and the only cool character was the fish dude. I almost fell asleep during that.


spongebob the movie
i watch it twice :blah