The black video of capitalism


Not actually called that but this is a favourite of capitalists and is relevant to the likes of Peterson fans



Unironically implying voluntary exchange is ‘murder’ on part of the seller rather than a agreed upon exchange.
Blaming the engagement of warfare on capitalist businesses, most of which don’t want war due to it not being good economically.
Ignoring the billions of lives that never would have happened if the capitalistic model was never created.
Ignoring even more people that had their lives saved as a result of capitalism.
Ignoring that capitalists don’t usually commit genocide due to it giving a bad reputation and robbing them of customers.

Granted companies dealing in warfare industries want war, but the rest of them don’t. Its not profitable for most businesses and only serves to draw workers out of the factories and reduce sales.

TL:DR this video is a load of bullshit if you have more than 70 brain cells.


Tell that to all banana countries in Latin America that were bombed in the name of US interests or had to deal with US companies, like Cuba, Guatemala, Colombia, Nicaragua, among others. This is just one example.

Whatever makes you sleep at night, bby.




So its the black book of communism, by any measure. Im only sharing this because they get really hard over apparently how lethal we are.


This video is complete nonsense.

He was right when he defined capitalism as the private ownership of the means of production, but he forgot that voluntary exchange is also a crucial aspect. Of course it is true that capitalists will try to hijack the state for their own purposes, but when they do this you are no longer dealing with a free market.

Capitalism is about satisfying people’s needs and wants. The only way one can make money in a free market is if they provide a good or service that people are willing to buy. The point about vaccines and food is ridiculous, because the free market has driven the massive decline in poverty over the last 250 years or so. It is not the reason people can’t satisfy their needs.

To say that billionaires don’t care about charity is once again incorrect. Bill Gates has donated millions of dollars to the fight against malaria. Moreover, the greatest period of charitable activity occurred in Britain and America in the late nineteenth-century, where the free market was the dominate economic system.

The free market has and is lifting millions out of poverty. The fact that businesses are pursuing profits makes this possible, which was the central point of Adam Smith.

Businesses may not care about externalities, but libertarians acknowledge that the state has a role to play here.

The suggest that the west was built on blood and conquest is not entirely true, either. As far as I’m aware, free trade and free markets played a greater role.


Socialists are gonna have alot of fun with you.



Communism doesn’t kill people. Capitalism doesn’t kill people.

People and the malicious or negligent policies they pursue kill people. There’s nothing inherent to either ideology which results in mass death.


Does your conception of a ‘free-market’ economy include substantial welfare benefits?

If not, the sale of one’s labour is hardly voluntary.