The Blind Spot in the Mind's Eye

what’s this?
how does it work?
when did it happen?
we don’t know.

who would win in a fight, superman or batman?
what’s the difference between santa clause and jesus?
should pornstars be allowed to teach?
we don’t know.

does she love me?
does he care?
what can i do?
we don’t know.

those faggots think they can raise kids?
where do they get off in judging us?
what’s best for them?
we don’t know.

should we kill and die for our country?
do they want us over there?
will there ever be peace in the world?
we don’t know.

what happens when we die?
is there a god?
will anyone remember us?
we don’t know.

why are we plagued with all these questions?
where do we find the right answers?
what will happen tomorrow?
we don’t know
but we’ll find out.

great job memento. thank you for sharing it with us

thanks, its nice to see people posting in the literature section