The bullseye game


i played the bulls eye game for about an hour. i played it close to 15 times. no matter what you always bust in the end. even if you can get your last 3 shots to add up. is the game broken, or am i not doing something right???


Im having the same problem… I think it is messed up.


damn it, i just spent an entire hour…or more playing that game thinking i was doing something wrong. fun game though.


I think you have to bring it down to zero… Maybe thats why it kept saying that… Ill try it again… :slight_smile:


you have to get it to 1. but its messed up. every time I get it to 1 it says shoot and sends me back to the front page. if you get it down to “2” you have to make 1 dart hit in the “1” area. but it has to be around the outtermost ring or u bust. but dont bother its messed up. i think he might have done that on purpose. my theory is that after playing the game, he realized that it would be impossible for there to be a top 10 list. either you win, and end up with 1, or else. there is no saving your score when your down to 2. so i dont think that game will be around much longer. just my theory. i would like to add that im a genius :smiley:


no the scoring is different than that, I test the games before I run them but this one was too long to play I couldnt finish it. Their obviously an error in the upload scoring script in the flash file.


Yeah, obviously…We all knew that…




It works just fine. Remember, you have to finish with a bull or a double to win. With the bull or the double you need to be at zero.