The "can someone make me a cool sig" thread

see title! I want a pretty sigggyyyy :smiley: rep will be doled out of course

I`ll try

ok make it say Have some breakfast! It’s the best way to start your day!

If I was in Houston I would. :tongue:

Hmm It mite not be pretty but ok here it is
have some breakfast! it`s the best way to start your day!

Uh… she wants a picture that has that captioned in it, not something she could have typed out…

Oh I can`t do that

try me one too… :slight_smile: Pulleaasseee

Don’t you even think about changing your avitar missy… :muscles:

not my avatar… I love that toooo uch- Just a sig.

wow. some of you seriously need to reread this thread. ahahhaha! And johnny…i dont know whether to shake my head in shame or laugh my ass off. Did you really think i just wanted someone to bold some letters for me? ahahhahaha…classic!

Found this, didn’t make it though, if you don’t like it, don’t worry about it.:slight_smile:

heres my wack attempt:

aww bdn that is cute! thanks!

:slight_smile: thanks. it aint the greatest by no means

make a contest…

crap! the new version of Firefox is gay. it wont let me copy image links! wtf! i want my old FF back!

uhh yeah its a contest now! V says so! Everyone make me and Vs siggies now! :smiley:

Can you just right click, save the image to your computer and them upload it in photobucket or something?

no i cant click on the pics at ALL now. thanks firefox! plus im on a mac, we apple+click, we dont right click :wink: