The Canadian Government


is going to fall on or very close to November 28.



im confused. what do you mean the canadian government is going to fall on the 28th :dunno


I dunno how many people are Canadian, but this is how our government works. We have x amount of seats in the government, and the seats are divided up by x regions. Each region gets 1 representative. So now, we have a bunch of political parties. The 3 main parties are the NDP, the conservatives, and the liberals. Each party has a representative in each region that runs for a seat. The liberals, for as long as I can remember, always held the majority government. This means that they held more than half of the seats in the government, and could essentially do whatever they wanted. With the last election though, the liberals were the minority government. They held more seats than any other party, but collectively, they held less than half of the total seats. Whenever a new policy is to be enacted, each seat gets 1 vote. If the party in power (liberals), gets voted down, then the government falls and an election is called. The NDP have been working with the Liberals, but now have said they are going to work with the Conservatives after the Native Summit, which ends on the 27th. On the 28th, the government meets again, and this is where the NDP will vote against the liberals on the stuff that comes up at the Native Summit, and make the Liberals fall from power.


Does Canada define a conservative and a liberal the same way they do in America?

Either way, I think it’s a healthy development for one party to be challanged. It helps bring things closer to center, and stops them from going too extreem in either direction.

It’s not always fun or easy watching the dominant party lose favor with the public though. Here in the States, our version of your liberals have been losing ground in the past couple of years, and it’s starting to get nasty. So nasty, that now people are even starting to wonder about if they really want to keep in the more conservative direction they’ve been voting.

I hope they don’t give in to the crying from the losing corner, but in the end, it’s a personal choice for everybody.

Don’t worry about your government’s stability too much mate. Canada has a long and illustrious history. You guys up there are doing great by worlds standards. :smiley:

Oh, and thanks for the help in Afghanistan. Your boys kicked major ass out there. :rock :rock


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A few weeks ago a regiment of Canadian Marines came down to Quantico for some training, and I got to go out and help. They are some funny fuckers! They were talking about when they were in Iraq, they used to wear green cammies, even though they had desert ones. So me and a couple other guys asked why the hell they would wear green in the desert, and they said it was so they wouldn’t be mistaken for Americans!


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[quote=IntruderLS1]Does Canada define a conservative and a liberal the same way they do in America?
I :rock :rock[/quote]

Not exactly, basically the same but they’re both a little more reserved then the far right and far left in the US. The conservative base in the US could never happen up here, main reason being we’re more diverse both ethnically and religously. Where in the US its mostly christains vs. non-christains or more moderate ones, here even mentioning god in any religon as a basis for government policy is pretty much political suicide.

As for the government falling, i doubt it, if a policy fails it doesnt mean instant election


canada has a government :tard :dunno