The cause of poverty


It seems that there are many explanations for the cause of povery. Here are the ones I’ve heard:
-Some people are naturally lazy. There are those that would not put in an effort to schooling or a career, and thus become impoverished. This is not because of outside influence, but because of their ability within.

-Too much competition. When people fail in competitive situations, they becaume affraid and resentful of it, and give up. As apposed to learning from there mistakes and using that new knowledge to attain their goal, they are just ‘turned off’ of society, and develop a sense of inferiority.

-Changes in the market. If someone is educated in a certain field, and they go out into the workforce doing what they were trained to do, then someone or another company might produce something that makes his product obsolete. In which case, he is not trained for any other profession, develops a sense of inferiority and joins the impoverished.

So what do you believe to be the cause/causes of poverty?


I’m poor because the man is holding me down


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I’ve been getting screwed with my loads and routes all week. So today i had enough and road raged all the way back to the ware house, slid the truck into a bay… literally slid into a bay… and turned in all my paperwork and left. I turned my truck in with 3/4 of my load still on. I’m job hunting as of tommorow.


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I believe poverty is usually caused by education. Not the schooling kind… the common sense kind. When people grow up and their parents never teach them the values of hard work - because they get a gov’t check, or teach them respect, or teach them that a school education is important and make sure they get good grades and encourage them to do well in school.

Shit rolls downhill, and poverty is shit.




poverty is lazieness at is finest(worst) people are looking for a hand out instead of earning there money

kinda what joe said