The Criminal West


Lets share and talk about statistics-comparisions-contradictions of crimes committed by Western countries under this topic.


1 of every 40 female workers and 1 of every 80 male workers between 20-69 ages are sexually harrashed at work place.


Crimes committed by “Western Countries” and totally not by isolated individuals.


If we’re gonna play the national blame game, then 4 countries can be blamed for a huge portion of the suffering in the past 2 centuries in order:

  1. Britain
  2. Russia
  3. USA
  4. China.

Britain (specifically England) is number one for obvious reasons: their rampant colonialism, betrayal of the Arabs, atrocities in India, oppression of the Irish, horrible living conditions for citizens even compared to its contemporaries in western Europe. the list goes on forever.
Russia: Both the Russian Empire and USSR have levels of imperialist criminality that are only rivaled by England. Compared to the UK, it oppressed fewer people, but it treated its own citizens even worse. A small ray of hope appeared in 1917, but that was snuffed out when they decided to remain in WWI. From the Polish Partition, to mistreatment of serfs, to the Holodomor, the list is long.
USA: Genocide against the natives, slavery (which we took way too long to get rid of), and later the American imperialism in the Americas under McKinley and Wilson. America constantly overthrew democratic governments in favor of fascist regimes in its own business interests
China: Note the only reason I put China in last is because it has not had a consistent line of succession of rule for much of its history. From the mid 19th-century until 1949, China was not unified, and thus it is difficult to lay the blame at the feet of the central government. This is in contrast to the US and UK, which had consistent governments, or Russia, which had an almost immediate succession from the Russian Empire to the Soviet Union, and then to the Russian Federation. However, even when we consider that, China is still responsible for vast crimes; the Qing, Kuomintang, and PRC all have their fair share of crimes

Honorable mentions go to: Japan, Germany (the former wasn’t a world power for long enough and the latter didn’t exist long enough to really place them up here. If we were just talking about the 20th century then they’d definitely both be on here, but since we’re also including the 19th century that diffuses it a bit), France, Romania (for a country so small at least), Ottoman Empire


@Ka1serTheRoll My impression was that the Bolsheviks did end World War One early on their side of things?


@Alex I was actually referring the February Revolution Government, not the Bolsheviks. The way I see it, the Bolsheviks were not a light of hope, just more blood and tyranny