The Cyberman Question



If you watched Doctor Who tonight, you will know that the Cybermen return in this, and they are genuinely terrifying in this episode. This isn’t about the new episode, but this is actually about the concept of the Cybermen themselves. Backstory: They were created by Kit Pedler, taking the idea of medical advances such as synthetic hearts and pushing them to the nth degree, such as replacement of all organs, the removal of emotions, and additions to the body to improve its function. So I ask you this: Say your heart failed, you would need a new heart. You would have a synthetic heart, am I right? Would you replace parts of your body to fix yourself, to survive, to improve your body? Would you remove your emotions to remove the pain of the operations?



Yes, I am into transhumanism.

Praise the Ommnisiah!

No need to really, I would actually want to maintain my “humanity” at least to some degree.[quote=“Blewatter, post:1, topic:112126”]
remove the pain of the operations?

It would be much much easier to just remove the sensory neurones that generate pain in response to such stimuli.


yes, and yes.

you mean like
the temporary anesthesia that’s used in every operation?


I think they meant that without removing emotion the operations would result in constant pain. Or something.


lol that’s dumb as fuck


yes, I would rather survive as a psychopathic version of myself than drop dead