The "Do you think Fergie looks like a man? thread

…has now had over 80,000 views and is challenging the Random PW thread as the most viewed thread. Has anyone found out what the deal with that is?:confused

she looka like-a a man

/Ms Swan from MadTV

here’s whats up with it!
fergie looks like a man - Google Search

it’s not bad, good for our site for being at the top of a google search :slight_smile: lol.

It still has another 55,000 views to go before it can even come close to challenging my RPW thread.

Still think it’s a strange thing to google for, I can’t image it being that popular.:confused

[quote=“BodyDroppedNikes, post: 319858”]she looka like-a a man

/Ms Swan from MadTV[/quote]
Hahah! I was actually saying this when i scrolled to this post.

Rep for you, B.

crys! <3

Clare! double hearts!

triple hearts! grabs a boob

Ahh boo

busts out his camera

thats crazy

hahaha now watch, this one will start getting tons of hits too…lmao