The EU Bill


Should the UK be required to pay a bill upon leaving the EU? If so, what should this figure be?

Is it a legal matter, or is it a matter for a separate negotiation?


I don’t think there is a legal obligation to pay anything. But a sum of money to cover financial agreements we’ve previously made with the EU should still be paid, just to improve our negotiating position.


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I think, if we had to pay some money, we should pay only our financial obligations for our continued presence in the European Union (i.e. the money we would normally pay, but with a cut-off point at the time of withdrawal) and nothing more. There should be no additional financial settlement beyond what we owe them anyway.


the UK should not pay a single penny to the EU. we send billions to them and look how it has been spent, spent on trying to recover Greece, hasn’t worked and building big luxury hotels and restaurants for the EU elite. They owe us money.


they should be paying us a massive rebate for all that we’ve chipped in over the years and for all their refuse immigrants we’ve taken in


All of these payments were made because we were a member of the EU, regardless of whether we got anything back or not. They are utterly irrelevant within this context.

It’s like saying that Netflix should pay you back for your 4 years of subscription after you leave the service.


A more effective analogy is Netflix wanting you to prepay your subscription up to 2020 after you leave in 2016 then saying it will punish you with daily leaflets until you comply with their terrorism.


If we have legally signed up to something which we have legally agreed to then yes we should pay it. I don’t know what the figure is exactly but if we legally owe them 50Billion then we pay them 50Bil, same if it was 5 or 500. You don’t join something legally and just say screw you i don’t want to pay.


Eh I don’t think the claims of our bill have any grounding at all however, I firmly believe it’s just EU leaders attempting to scare/pressure us into giving up on Brexit.

So yeah, they might be saying that we have to pay our subscription until whenever, and when we do they can all parade Europe showing off their might and success. But in reality we’ve just paid it to a) shut them up, b) move on with Brexit negotiations, and c) get some concession in return.


It seems the bill is just a number the EU negotiators have just pulled out of their ass to be honest. First it was eur60bn now its eur100bn. Where they are getting these numbers from I don’t know. They must have Diane Abbott helping them out. I don’t think we should pay them a penny personally. No deal is better than a bad deal, and i think paying eur100bn is certainly a bad deal.


sure we can, fuck the EU!



kind of like a ransom isn’t it - if we have to pay 100 bill to get a trade deal, unlikely we’d have any funds left to trade with anyway!



u know how close I am to getting that book considering how little I know on economics and the corporate world.


By all means go for it, but I’d use free stuff online first.


yeah. Just looking for a head start for my A levels really. But ive heard from a few people that them books are shit and make a lot of mistakes.


Certainly a bill should be totted up and exchanged before we leave. The calculations should be done on certain principles rather than plucking round numbers from the air. We have many obligations to the EU but also many assets. The EU also has obligations to UK regions, universities etc. I have no idea whether the end result would mean the UK paying the EU or the other way around but I hope both sides conduct the calculations openly and respect the result whatever it may be.


How exactly do you think trade works?