The first thing you notice

When you see the oposite sex whats the first thing you notice about them and why?
Men whats the first thing you notice about a women?
Ladies whats the first thing you notice about a man?

I notice the face first. I try and hold eye contact, or at least only wander to the mouth when I’m looking at a woman.

Other stuff just follows if I’ve clicked with that person. And yes then I would check them out!!

This might sound weird but a girl’s hair is the first thing i notice.

I’m with TD on this. Their face. Usually to see their smile and eyes and then proceed to give them a once over.

The hair. O_o
Unless the guy’s bald.
Then the face.

since I work in the private sector and work where money is involved I have to look at a person’s hands…and believe it or not it is quite scary to see a person reach into their pocket…the fear is usually that of a split second though…so…for me it is a person’s hands


It speaks volumes about how a woman views herself, and a strong self esteem is attractive

The expression of his face and my gut feeling about it…

1st thing i notice about anyone is their shoes.
If a man has nice shoes he looks after himself.

I have a thing for hands. And muscles. How shallow is that?

I just check out their package. If he’s carrying a big gun, he’s caught my attention :stuck_out_tongue:


From across the room I notice a shapely pair of legs.
Up close I try to take in the face as a package…eyes, mouth, teeth.
I will notice cleavage but I am often reminded of the waitress in the low-cut blouse in the bar telling a guy at the table beside me…“Talk to me… my eyes are up here.”

I always seem to notice a guys eyes. They seem to be intriguing

The eyes… they say everything. :nod:

teeth… can be doing with horrible, black, crumbly teeth

It’s not always a physical attribute…sometimes there is just something you notice; like a vibe he gives off…but if I had to pick a physical attribute, I’d go with the eyes/smile combination.

Depends on the distance and the positions of the parties involved.

At a distance: The face & Hair
Close up: The eyes
From behind… Well, the behind.