The Good Dinosaur - spiritual movie in disguise?


Has anyone seen this movie? What did you think?

I’ve been looking all over the internet but can’t seem to find anyone who sees the same things I see in this movie. To me this movie is about a spiritual journey. I don’t have it all figured out as I only watched it once, but some things that stood out to me:

The three mountain peaks they call home seem symbolic of the Holy Trinity.

The water element in the movie (river and storm) represents fear - just as the kidney meridian in Chinese medicine is characterized by water, and it’s emotion is fear.

The purplish blue color creatures are similar to the 3rd eye chakra’s colors, and said to be some of the first colors one sees when they open their third eye.

The creatures appear after a storm and say “the storm provides”, which is similar to “the Lord provides”. Some new age people will say negative entities feed off of fear, which would make sense the “the storm provides” fear for these negative energies to feed off.

These creatures keep mentioning the dinosaur is having a “relevation” or revelation.

There is reference to a “bubble”, which one dinosaur says to the other, you’re in my personal space, this is my bubble, which new age people will tell you to create a personal bubble around yourself where you are safe.

The grey shaman like dinosaur hiding in the woods is surrounding itself with spirit guides to protect itself, and wants to add the little baby human to his arsenal.

The dinosaur father comes in spirit form to take the little dinosaur to the spirit world, but he decides to go back to his body.

The tyranosaurs are red like the root chakra, are they embody the characteristics of the root chakra, grounding, basic right to exist, right to survive.

The dinosaur is a “good” dinosaur, sweet and sensitive, and arguably the main issue with such people might be fear, fear to assert yourself, fear of doing wrong, etc., and this fear manifests everywhere, which is why the dinosaur needs to overcome fear to advance spiritually.


I have not seen the movie but your description has caught my attention and I will try to find it.

Most film makers have a way of inserting life’s lessons and beliefs in their movies, leaving the viewer pondering over the meaning and implication of the film. My interpretation could be similar to yours but could be slightly different. As long as there are morals learnt, it’ fine.


I saw the movie with my kids and wife and to be honest I was not focusing on the symbolism, but you may have a point. I did love the movie though, it has a light sense of humor and everything is extremely well done and the story is beautiful, so I can recommend it to anyone.


I saw the movie but I never got all that spiritual essence from it. Now that you mention it though it does make sense as your comparisons and associations are undeniable. It is also good every now and again to see ‘good things’ by looking deeper. many other movies present all sorts of hidden conspiracy stuff to many people. It feels good that you see hidden spiritual things. I endorse the ideas.


Very interesting observations and way to look at this movie. I have not seen it yet and am just now reading the IMDB, however I see it as a very interesting movie that is worth some of my time to look at and view when there is time to. After doing this, I will then make a statement on what I find and how I feel about or see the movie to be. Thank you for bringing it to our attention to watch.


Oh also I forgot there is a scene where they take hallucinogens, which seems similar to the 60’s attitude of taking drugs in hopes of spiritually advancing.

And at one point when they are up in the air during a scary stormy scene, these flying creatures say “you’re trespassing”, maybe alluding to them entering a higher spiritual plane where they don’t belong.

And there is one dreamy scene where the dinosaur pokes his head above the clouds to see the sun shining on the 3 peaks, with some “ahhhh” type revelatory music, kind of spiritualizing the 3 peaks as in some way Godly.

Really would be interested to hear some other people’s take on this movie, if you’ve seen it.


As soon as the good dinosaur starts to trip on that fruit, his “third eye” appears. I completely agree with you about this movie!


i just wanna say that the movvie was awsome