The History of the Solar System

((Use this space to write in character articles/stories/pieces about the history of either the solar system in general or your specific planet/area. We’ll use this to flesh out the universe we have here and make the game more interesting for everyone.))

(((long-term background)))

End of the Earth Period: 2050-2067

After the collapse of Earth’s ecological systems from a failure to combat environmental degradation, the fate of man looked bleak. Riots, resource wars, and roving bands of refugees dominated the time period, accelerating the drop in quality of life. Many governments and private organizations turned to the stars for salvation, and massive efforts were set about to develop permanent space habitations. Due to key breakthroughs in several technological fields, these efforts were eventually successful, and permanent human colonies emerged throughout the solar system.

Most of humanity would not live to see the results of these endeavors. In the years leading up what is now popularly referred to as the Second Dark Ages (note: many scholars contend that the so-called ‘first’ Dark Age was only a Eurocentric and Enlightenment-based misconception, and thus this was the ‘true’ Dark Age), many major governments had fallen into two revolutionary factions.

The first was the Socialist Unity Party. Breakthrough in genetic technologies led to the invention of what appeared to be eternal youth (note: it was later confirmed that at the time life could only be extended to ~320 years at best). However the treatment was one of the most expensive medical procedures on the planet. CEOs, bankers, billionaires, presidents- all began receiving the life-altering treatment for themselves and their families. The rich could now live forever even as the greater mass of humanity grew hungrier by the day. The shock-waves to society were immediate. And thus the Socialist Unity Party, seizing upon the popular outrage, swelled their ranks rapidly. Within a decade they had toppled several governments in quick succession. The immortals that they got their hands on were publicly executed. Their universal slogan was clear enough- equal in life, or equal in death.

The second, born out of the fear and outrage of the first, were the Singularists. The time of the uber-man was upon us. The conservatives are only holding progress back. The Socialist Unity Party is obsessed with retribution rather than seeking true salvation- the salvation of technology. We had reached the exponential curve of technological growth, and within our lifetimes we could create Heaven on Earth. This were the messages of the Singularists. Immortals were drawn to it like moths to the flame. Military dictatorships quickly supplanted the already ragged and ailing democracies, using robotics and AI as massive multipliers to their armed forces. Drones and droids marched under the orders of immortal commanders.

Both sides began ideological purges. One of the ‘reactionary trash’ and ‘the vampires’. The other of the ‘red shit’ and those that had been deemed useless, or otherwise counterproductive to progress towards the technological singularity. Border skirmishes broke out between two satellite states and escalated to the brink of open war between the two factions. Weaponized viruses were released, and began to kill in the millions. Both sides blamed the other. Hell was unleashed- full-scale nuclear war. It was over within minutes. The debate still rages today over who fired the first shot.

Billions on Earth perished in the inferno, and then in the nuclear winter that followed. All that was remained was several intact space habitations in orbit. Otherwise the massive bulk of remaining civilization was scattered throughout the solar system. The Second Dark Ages now began. Humanity now numbered in the low millions, the Earth-run high-speed solar communication relays had been destroyed during the conflict, and the intrasolar trade system which had relied on Earth-based industries to function had ceased to exist. Technological progress would grind to a near-halt for centuries to come.


Can someone please provide the name for the revolutionary socialist/communist party (where I put [insert communist-y name here]? I don’t think I’m familiar enough with that ideological group to do it justice atm.


What kind of Socialist force do you want,

Do you want liberterian socialist or authortierian? the latter being your classical stalinists and maoists.
Are you looking for an actual party name from a socialist regime?

definitely authoritarian (read the story lmao (although I guess it could have a temporary-vanguard kind of thing going))- preferably not a irl party name from a socialist regime. I’m looking for something that sounds good but is also coherent.

Like imagine there’s an authoritarian-communist party that you would like to be a part of- and give me their name.

Seeing as they are anti-genetic tech maybe something with Lysenko in the name.

Lysenkist Army Faction, Lysenkist Unity Party, Lysenkist Worker’s Party etc.

If not that just chuck some generic socialist words together; unity, solidarity, proletarian, revolutionary etc.


They aren’t anti-genetic tech on principle per-se as much as they believe immortality for the few is unacceptable if it is not first evenly distributed

I think this is something that should be left to @StrangeSignal , he knows way too much about the good old tanks

Communist Party of [insert name here] (by far the most common)
(Alternatively: Communist Party of […]/Marxist-Leninist)
All-Union Communist Party of […] (name of the Bolshevik Party post-revolution, before Stalin)
Socialist Unity Party (name of the ruling party in East Germany)
Workers’ Revolutionary Front
Workers’ Party
People’s Revolutionary Movement (this one and the two previous are common for Maoist parties)
Marxist-Leninist/Red Dawn Movement
Revolutionary Communist Party
[country denonym] Communist League
People’s Vanguard Party
Revolutionary Vanguard Party
Red Guard
Party Labour of […]
Marxist-Leninist Popular Action Movement
Maoist Red Guard

There’s plenty to pick up from, as they each have two or three members per billion people save exceptions, but these are both generic ones and cool ones that I found.

Unlikely. Not because they adopt one strong stance they’ll change their name to that. They are Marxist-Leninists and Maoists, after all. Stalin and Mao apologists typically copy the name of the parties of the Eastern Bloc and China. That’s why you can find at least 40 parties with “Communist Party of…” as their name.

It’s rare for socialists parties to have ‘proletarian’ in the name, even tankies would usually go for “Workers’” instead.

They also differ across ideologies. A common Trotskyist Party would be “Socialist Workers’ Party”, or the famous “Socialist Alternative”. One of my personal favourites is “National Liberation Front”, somewhat common in democratic socialist organizations (e.g., “Sandinista National Liberation Front”).


i like this

The Second Dark Ages were, much like their medieval predecessor, marked by a revival of deeply religious ways of life and the emergence of much more pronounced forms of authority. On the planets before the asteroid belt, where the little interplanetary communication and transport that took place in this technologically undeveloped era was possible, a common spirituality began to emerge. This new religious movement was virulently monotheistic, deeply conservative and could be said to be the continuation of the Judeo-Christian tradition in at least some form. Individuals used the little texts they had still available to them to reinterpret scriptures of the past in a way that made sense of their now isolated and difficult existence. From Augustine they took the concept of Original Sin, from Antony the commitment to poverty and piety, and from Savonarola the deep eschatological anxiety that comes with a belief that the apocalypse is imminent.

This religious fervour gave humanity the drive to succeed through the harshest of times, and within a few decades many had created thriving agrarian communities across the inner solar system, characterised by authoritarian theocratic states which regulated the complex relationships of authority, obedience and noble privilege that emerged in response to the lack of organisation and order in the post-nuclear age.

One sect of this religion lives on today, in the nation of Alala, on the moon of Callisto, orbiting Jupiter. They thus trace a one, holy, catholic and apostolic faith back to their Christian forefathers on Earth 2500 years ago, and therefore are a deeply devout and pious people, unified by their ancient faith. Their diaspora, however, is scattered throughout the solar system, and sometimes violent separatist movements can take place when Alaleans are refused the right to practice their faith and regulate their own communities.

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2489 A.D.; The Naval Battle of Imperial City

((This probably isn’t exactly what you guys were looking for, but I love history/wars so I figured I’d try a battle analysis. It turned out being much longer than I intended though! If this is well-received I may make more, and perhaps for other nations too.))

Background - During the Hyperborean Civil War, no single action was more important to the eventual Imperial victory than Admiral Marcius’s fleet engagement against the Republican Defense Fleet. As many Old Imperial Military units revolted and Imperialists formed their own militias, the Republic held two distinct advantages. First, the loyal Republican Guard managed to hold onto many of the major cities in Mercury’s heartland. Second, the majority of Naval spaceships remained loyal to the Republican government and many others that revolted were shot down immediately.

August-October 2489 - As the war progressed, the superior Imperial ground troops were able to quickly gain ground and lay siege to many major cities. However, Republican naval supremacy prevented the Imperialists from being able to maintain major offensives as Republican spacecraft would just bomb them with impunity. Thus, decisive action against the Republican Fleet was necessary in order to give the breakthrough the Imperialists needed on the ground war.

Old Navy Admiral Anton Marcius was the man of the hour. He was the highest ranking Navy rebel, and former second-in-command of the Old Imperial Navy. He would, as Fate would have it, face his former superior, friend, and loyal Republican, Admiral Nicolaus Ilic. Marcius devised a plan to coincide with a planned ground assault (the ground assault eventually stalled until the next year) on Imperial City.

Balance of forces:

Imperial Fleet -----------------------Republican Fleet
IHS Abominable BattleCruiser-- n/a
n/a -------------------------------------- 4 Cruisers
3 Destroyers ------------------------- 5 Destroyers
6 Frigates ----------------------------- 5 Frigates
4 Corvettes --------------------------- 9 Corvettes

Preparations - Marcius knew the Republicans would be preoccupied with defeating the rebel ground assault, and so he hoped to destroy their numerically superior fleet piecemeal. First, he would order a pair of Frigates to launch a probing action against the Republican fleet. The Republicans would be forced to respond and give chase, whereby half of the Imperial Fleet would ambush and destroy whatever Republican ships followed the Frigates. From there, the Imperialists would rendezvous with the remaining half of their fleet, hoping that the Republicans would not realize that the entire Imperial fleet was present and not send their entire fleet to respond. If both engagements went as planned, the Imperial fleet would have a numerical advantage over the Republican ships that stayed behind to bombard the Imperial ground assault.

November 11th, 2489; The Battle - The Imperial ground assault has managed to break the Republican defensive perimeter surrounding Imperial City. The Republicans are forced to call together their entire fleet to stop the advance, as Admiral Marcius expected. The stage is now set, and Anton Marcius makes his gambit.

Marcius sends the signal for the two forward-placed frigates to launch a probing assault against the massed Republican fleet. The Spiteful and the Typhoon manage to get very close to the distracted enemy fleet before firing off a full-salvo. An unfortunate Republican corvette goes down almost immediately while another narrowly maneuvers out of the way. The two Imperial Frigates prepare another salvo against the surviving Corvette when two Republican destroyers appear. The Frigates immediately retreat in the direction of the awaiting Imperial ambush. In the ensuing chase, the Imperial Frigates manage to down the Corvette which had narrowly survived only minutes earlier while the Republican Destroyers unknowingly head into Marcius’s awaiting ships.

The Republican Destroyers did not have time to turn around when they were met with a dense volume of fire from the Abominable Imperial Battle-Cruiser, two Imperial Destroyers, and the Frigates which had suddenly shifted bearing to fire on their pursuers. The Republican Destroyers are instantaneously flaming wrecks, but not before they sent a transmission to Admiral Ilic relaying the dire situation.

Admiral Ilic Responds - Ilic knew there was something big going on. He had known Marcius for decades, serving together in the Old Imperial Navy, and therefore knew the wily Marcius to be dangerous and deceptive. He made a decision which almost ended the Imperial rebellion in one stroke; Ilic ordered the entire Republican Fleet to cruise ahead in battle formation. Having already lost two corvettes and two cruisers, and leaving a single corvette behind to scout for Imperial trickery, Ilic expected that Marcius must be attacking in force, if not with his entire fleet.

Marcius Makes his Move - Marcius himself was not prepared for such a large engagement, and had only just managed to regroup with the other half of his fleet. When his forward Frigate hurriedly transmitted that the Republican fleet was responding in full, Marcius made the bold decision to not retreat.

Marcius ordered all of his Corvettes to charge and engage the enemy, the idea being to keep his larger weaponry in action for as long as possible. His 4 corvettes met were met with concentrated enemy fire and dueled with enemy corvettes between the two fleets’ front battle lines. Meanwhile, the battlecruiser Abominable and three Imperial destroyers engaged the enemy cruisers at long distance. Imperial Frigates attempted to flank the enemy but were forced to retreat. In an act of heroism endemic to this engagement, Imperial Corvette Commander Jameson diverted his burning ship into the course of a Republican corvette, destroying both ships and posthumously earning Jameson the Imperial Cross. In this initial exchange, one Republican cruiser and one destroyer were eliminated while another cruiser was damaged. The Republicans also lost two Corvettes, while their return fire destroyed all four Imperial Corvettes and the Frigate which had initially reported their positions.

Final Engagement -

Balance of forces:

Imperial Fleet -----------------------Republican Fleet
IHS Abominable BattleCruiser-- n/a
n/a -------------------------------------- 3 Cruisers (one damaged)
3 Destroyers ------------------------- 2 Destroyers
5 Frigates ----------------------------- 5 Frigates
n/a -------------------------------------- 6 (5) Corvettes (one held back to scout rear)

Admiral Marcius ordered all remaining vessels to feign a retreat, with the still-transiting frigates far behind and his command ship, the Abominable, holding back a ways. Republican Frigates and the 5 corvettes which had already been fighting in forward positions became separated from the slower Republican destroyers and cruisers. Realizing the precarious situation, Admiral Ilic ordered his frigates and corvettes to slow and await the larger vessels. Seeing that no greater opportunity would present itself, Marcius struck. Imperial frigates and the Abominable changed course and immediately attacked the Republican frigates, with Imperial destroyers engaging from a distance. The result was a bloodbath; all five Republican frigates and three out of five Corvettes were destroyed while the Imperials lost three frigates.

The two surviving Republican corvettes regrouped with the approaching two destroyers and three cruisers. Admiral Ilic, over a transmitter, spoke to Marcius; “Enough of trickery; one of us must die to end this horrendous bloodshed.” Marcius’s next move is what earned his fame; he ordered his surviving two frigates to join him in the Abominable in a frontal charge on the Republican lines while the Imperial destroyers followed at a distance to provide fire support. Ilic responded in kind with his two undamaged cruisers, one of which was his flagship.

Imperial destroyers focused down the damaged Republican cruiser, sending it into a death spiral to the Mecurian atmosphere. Return fire from Republican destroyers defeated two Imperial destroyers. The battle in the center was more costly. Marcius’s flagship battlecruiser the Abominable and his two supporting frigates focused all fire on the same Republican cruiser, turning it into a massive ball of fire. In this exchange the Abominable received uncontrollable fires and one frigate was lost. Admiral Marcius, knowing his flagship was lost, sent one last order to steer a direct path to Admiral Ilic’s surviving flagship cruiser. Ilic ordered all fire onto the Abominable, but it was too late. The ships struck oneanother, and also became locked in a deathspiral down to the atmosphere. Both Admirals continued firing their remaining operational cannons at one-another before general evacuations were called on both vessels. While this extremely personal engagement was occurring, the two remaining Republican destroyers were hit with fires quickly spreading. Admiral Ilic, upon receiving the desperate transmissions from his subordinates, resolved to go down with his cruiser. The following transmission exchange was recorded between the two Admirals and former friends as the fighting stalled;

Ilic: "I always knew you would be the one to get me killed, just not like this."
Marcius: "Nicolaus, if you leave your cruiser now I promise to protect you."
I: "You know I cannot do that, my friend.
M: "[static] understand… I will not allow you to be remembered as a traitor, but as a hero for his cause. That is my promise to you."
I: "Anton, do what you must. But I ask that you see that my family is free from reprisal. Protect the memory of what happened today, and those who died… Goodbye, Anton."
M: "It is done, on my honor it will not be forgotten to the day I die."
I: “[static]”


Admiral Marcius survived in an escape pod, transferring his command to the single surviving Imperial destroyer. A Republican corvette managed to destroy the last Imperial frigate before being destroyed itself by the aforementioned Imperial destroyer. Total losses are as follows;

Total Losses;
Imperial Fleet -----------------------Republican Fleet
IHS Abominable BattleCruiser-- n/a
n/a -------------------------------------- 4 Cruisers
2 Destroyers (one surviving) ---- 5 Destroyers
6 Frigates ----------------------------- 5 Frigates
4 Corvettes --------------------------- 8 Corvettes (one surviving)

Republican Naval Supremacy was finally negated, but the Imperials’ naval resources were exhausted as well. The ground assault ended in failure, but with no more threat of Republican naval bombardment the Imperialists were free to initiate large offenses and hold major cities. In the upcoming weeks and months, one major Republican city after another fell to the Imperialists before the final capture of Imperial City on September 10th, 2490, which ended the war. Admiral Marcius had secured the largest strategic victory of the entire civil war, and his surviving destroyer even managed to aid in bombarding Imperial City during the final assault.

Marcius would go on to be, along with the Imperator, the greatest hero of the entire war. He was the first Hyperborean in over three hundred years to be awarded two Imperial Crosses, one for his victory in the battle, and another for his bravery in executing a ram of the enemy command ship. He retired from the naval service following the war, entering government as a top adviser to the Imperator. He is now the omni-present Mercurian representative to the Solar Senate.

Admiral Ilic would receive a respectful public funeral at the behest of Admiral Marcius. His family was given land and a house by Marcius. A statue was made in his honor, and stands facing a statue of Marcius in Imperial City. The two have slight smiles but stand confidently, depicting their friendship to oneanother yet duty which called them to fight.


Before it was incinerated by nuclear fire, Earth had been the jewel of the solar system, the center of trade, industry, art, culture and science. The civilization of Earth had grown great and mighty, and was able of formidable works of engineering, culminating in a series of titanic realizations aimed at pushing the boundaries of the possible, ultimate showcase of humanity’s power and knowledge, the Great Creations. Many though of the Great Creations as heralding a new golden age, and it might have been one if the ugliest side of humanity hadn’t resurfaced at the same time. When Earth plunged into chaos and succumbed to a fratricide war, the Great Creations were all lost or utterly destroyed. All but one. The Eye over the Sun, that would later be known as Aurora Station, was the last remnant of the prowess of Earth.
The station had not known the great divide that doomed the Earth, but unrest and uncertainty at the loss of their planet almost brought the station to the same fiery end that Earth had known, until a mysterious high power transmission was received from the dead planet.

“Yes sir, we have been able to confirm that the transmission came from Earth” the febrile communication technician acquiesced.
Adrian Gears, mission captain of the Eye over the Sun,immediately turned toward the small team of scientists he had summoned and that was now awaiting his instructions.
“I’ve called you here because we just received a large data transition, and as you just heard we have confirmed that it originated from Earth, and that’s why…”
“But that’s impossible! Earth is dead, everyone there is dead!”
“Do not interrupt me! I am well aware of that. But it’s indisputable, it was coming from Earth. It appears that the data is in a highly compressed form, and we haven’t been able to read it yet. That’s why I had all of you summoned here, you are the most qualified to help make sense of it. We need to know what that message is saying”

It was only after several hours, which had seemed like years, that Adrian heard back from the team he had assembled.
“Sir, we have been able to read enough of the data that was sent to understand what that message was, and the general circumstances under which it was sent. As we all know, the main cause of the destruction of Earth was a conflict between two opposing faction, the Socialist Unity Party and the Singularists. The Singularists believed that the future of the human race was in technology, and because of that they devoted a lot of resources toward scientific advancement, using more and more advanced AIs and computers. It appears that this transmission was the “last breath” of the Mind, the most advanced Singularist AI.”
“And what does it say?”
“It doesn’t really say anything. It’s a database. A huge database. It is all the knowledge and progress that the Singularists were able to make. It’s the repository of knowledge from the most advanced human civilization we know of. But there is a problem…”
“What is it?”
“Well first, it appears that there is some amount of damage and corruption in the data we received, but that’s not the worst issue. We have started to read through the database, if there are things in here that we already know, and other that are not too far off, most of it is simply… indecipherable. We simply can’t understand it, there are mention of mathematical concepts we simply don’t know of, and physical models and theories that can’t be reconciled with what we know. It’s a not exactly a textbook, and some of the leaps are just too much”
“I see…” Adrian simply answered, barely hiding the disappointment that had replaced his initial excitement. “Well, keep working on it, and I give you full liberty to have anyone you need join the team. This is too great to give up on it”

several days later

Adrian finished pacing around the control room, and took a deep breath before switching on the intercom that would let his voice be heard in the whole station:
“People of the Eye! Some of you may have heard the rumors of a transmission being received from Earth. Those rumors are true. But what we have received is probably not what most of you expected. It is not a call for help or a sign that someone survived the cataclysm, but it is nonetheless hope for the future. What we received is the integrality of the knowledge of the Singularist, discoveries and technologies beyond our wildest dreams. But that message was the dying breath of an AI that through exponential improvement was centuries ahead of us, and I’m afraid we simply can’t understand it. Yes, that’s right. The key to the salvation of humanity, to the leap into a golden age, was entrusted to us and we cannot understand it. But we should not give up, as we have a duty to be the guardian of that information. More than that, we have a duty to be able to someday understand it, and we shall then be light that will guide mankind forward. We will have to study relentlessly, to dedicate our existence to knowing more, to make sure that even in the darkest of times science marches on, in the hope to make sense of that Ark of Knowledge. And when we do, we will be the new dawn of the human race, the first light after the darkness, the Aurora after the dark ages…”