The Incident With The Cardinal


In this I will explain to you incidents that my family has experienced over the last year concerning cardinals. If it is too long to read for some of you, I apologize. But nevertheless, I would like to share these stories with you.

Several months ago, my father shared something very interesting about what was happening every morning when he would get up for work. I had work before him, so I never was there to experience it. He said that every morning after I would leave and when he was snoozing, a cardinal would fly into the window of his room and then fly back to the fence. He said when he got up to look what it was, it would sit there looking at him. When he would my dad would lie back down, the cardinal would fly back into the window. It would do this until my father got up and got ready for work. He told me this story and that the last time it occurred was on the anniversary of my grandfather’s death. He died of cancer in the spring of 2014.

Time went on and later I found myself experiencing an interesting moment at work. Before I signed up for the Navy, I worked for a sports ticket company with my uncle. One morning while sitting in the warehouse alone and waiting for my coworker to get back and help, I leaned back in my chair and turned to my left and saw a cardinal sitting on a beam near one of the doors. It stayed there for most of the morning, flying around and coming back to sit I thought it was interesting, but I did not think of much of it.

Just a few minutes ago, my father reminded me of his experience. After visiting my grandmother, who is back home after living with my cousins(she was ill), he called me and said something shocking. According to my grandmother, ever since she got back home, there was a cardinal flying into her window and flying about. She said the bird would do this very often, like it had with my father. Of course now, my family is spooked and some even believe it is my grandfather.

Whether it is just coincidence or if it is truly something more than we can ever know, this is personally moving for me. I remain skeptical, but me being a believer in God and the afterlife, it also leads me to believe there is something more. Just thought I would share this story, as it was interesting and personal for me. Thanks.


I don’t want to sound like a cunt and a heretic, but does mental health issues run in your family? (Being srs)

Ik my mothers side has a genetic predisposition, I’m thinking yours might too.


Hahahah, no. Only my mother, she had experienced a rough life growing up. She died 5 years ago herself. My father’s side, there hasn’t ever been any case of mental problems.


Could be environmental. Especially as you think you saw a cardinal in the warehouse.


I don’t think I saw one haha. I know I did, as did the warehouse adviser when he walked in.


Well whatever.

You do know he could also just be busting your balls?


Hahah, oh I am sure looking at the cardinal flying around and asking me if I saw it was “busting my balls”.


Well I don’t know the details. I was just suggesting it.


These things happen. It doesn’t necessarily mean anything.

There was a legend in inner Argentina that said that, whenever someone was going to die, an owl would sing in front of the house of the soon-to-be defunct. It was shared by both crioles and native americans.

According to my great grandmother, the day before my great great grandmother died, an owl sang in front of their house. Knowing the legend, they tried to shoot him and kill him, but it got away. Next day, the woman fell victim to her illness. However, the state of her disease was already terminal, and would have obviously died regardless of whether or not the owl sang in front of her house. When my great great grandfather died, there were no singing owls.

Coincidences happen. You wouldn’t even know if it is the same cardinal, unless you catch it, but I doubt cardinals appreciate that.


As you may know, I’m a spiritualist and I believe in things like this, however, I wouldn’t worry your life away, it could just be a coincidence, the bird may like your house or think it’s funny or it could be something actually real.

Just don’t sweat it :slight_smile: