The Lottery


The lottery is getting up there…make sure you get in I want to win again :banana


I just bought 10 more. Maybe, just maybe, I might win. I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed, because I have never won yet.


I need to buy more :smiley:


Damnit Bacon :fu


Did you see who won? He is a heifer!! :smiley:


Fugger! :fu


Im going to put some in!. :slight_smile:


YAY for me…I finally won :rock :rock :rock


Re: RE: The Lottery

:fu That was a big one too…I guess that job predictor thing was right :dunno now you don’t have to work No Mo :rofl


:rofl :lol :funnah


:funnah is retired :rofl


how could you not win with all the tickits you had, i’ll tell you what it would have been funny if i won , boy you would have been pissed. :rofl


yeah I know scott was busting my balls about it…he was like watch V win again