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Everyone, bring your generic, off-topic conversation here!

Britain will LEAVE the Single Market
Donald and Melania Trump call Slovenia
Donald and Melania Trump call Slovenia
Considering rejoining this fourm
Are speech impediments disabilities?
Are speech impediments disabilities?
I Say Boom Boom Boom

Bumped the requirement from 15 to 10 for topic titles :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks a ton. I have a feeling it might need to be even short though.


Is the shoutbox RIP then?


Like how short noob?


Like five characters.

Also for the love of god please reduce the minimum post length, the forum wasn’t letting me reply to Scott just then


Check Babble Plugin on discourse’s meta, that is being worked on for Google’s Summer of Code and we can integrate it into here.


Yeah, pretty much



I saw that when I was looking earlier, seems interesting. Tbh though, this thread seems to work pretty well given we have much faster post and update times etc.


Yeah you’re going too fast for me to even reply xD

Also updated it to 7 on titles, 10 on posts – should be simple enough :slight_smile:


Yeah, I’ll agree with that. Load times for the new site are making me pitch a tent.


I think it will take less than a day for me to find a post where I need to reply with “yes” and the forum will say “NOPE”


I have no idea what that expression means but it seems pretty cool


Means getting a boner (trousers being tent material and…well, you can guess what the tent pole is)


@Dylan, is it supposed to show the posts outside of their specific threads?
Because it’s doing that.


Oh right.
I should have guessed that


Maybe that reply is too short and needs to be longer then :stuck_out_tongue:

Do you mean the post composer? Since that’s run client side it allows you to move around the site with it.


Oh no you didn’t.

I just realised that threads refers both to the page and the individual collections of replies within.
What I meant is, there’s my post here:

And then your post is hidden as a reply to it

Yet I go a bit further down the page and I see

again, despite not actually looking at the replies to my original post.

Also the new quoting is the most fucking fantastic thing ever.


Yeah by default it hides the mini-threads but that’s helpful if we are having a convo like this and 20 other people have posted in the topic or something.

Yes, works beautifully on mobile too. I can actually be super active now with this mobile experience.


The problem I’m having is that it’s not hiding the mini-threads, and is showing the posts from the mini-threads twice.

shudders with glee