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Oh no, I’m not leaving. I’ve just been busy with work and very tired in the evenings and weekends. It’s still early here, but my Easter is going well. Yours?


Its alright… I’ve just been studying :fearful:
Also, no chocolate for me this Easter as I am on a ‘diet’. Trying to get my weight down to what it was 2 years ago. I’m not especially fat… but I could easily have gotten there if I didnt start doing something about it.


Glad to hear you’re taking the initiative to get out in front of the issue then, especially if you feel it would affect you mentally and physically down the line. I’ve never had any issues with staying slim, but I’ve known others who’s entire self-esteem has been affected by gaining weight. It seems like a trivial matter on the surface, but it’s actually quite a complicated issue when one delves into it, especially for people who are dealing with weight issues first hand.


No chocolate? Sheesh!

My mom still insists on making me an Easter basket.


I havent had any snacks for over a month, so, that includes chocolate.

My mum would make me eat chocolate etc if I let her. But I have to take the view that 1 chocolate bar = 30 chocolate bars as thats what I’d end up eating in the end.

What is an Easter basket? I imagine its a basket to put Easter eggs in or something?


Basically, yeah…It’s just something people fill with candy for their children. Maybe some small gifts. Also, we do Easter egg hunts over here, so they’re used to collect hidden eggs, as well.


can I get rough informal feedback on what people think of discourse over xenforo?


@Alexandrovich and @sY8709XION3801 do you guys have an easy time navigating the site, compared to other forums you’ve used?


Which is the old one?

That was better.


Xenforo. Discourse is the current one.


Would a sad emoticon be sufficient feedback?



Xenforo 4 lyfe


Xenforo had much more functionality and was more suited to a political forum (note: badges, campaign banners) and stuff that made you keep coming back (I mean asides from the discussion), such as YDP, which was used to buy badges and special statuses and whatnot.

The problems we had with Xenforo was the lag, but the lag is greatly reduced, if not irradiated by not using as many features (which would still amount to loads more than the ones we have here).

Xenforo > Discourse


Pretty sure that I’ve made no bones about how much I’ve despised this new layout ever since we got it.


I actually really like the structure of this forum. It took me a couple of days to spot all of the intricacies, but after learning the ropes a bit, I can honestly say that out of all the forums I’ve ever participated on, this is my favorite.


My impression on the format of this site is that it looks really cool, seems up to date, is easy and fun to use.

I think everyone else is suffering from “things were better in the old days” syndrome.


It’s been a complaint point since we originally moved from various users.


Or, ya know, it was actually better


It’s not a syndrome if things really were better.


Change is complained about most when its first brought about. So, I dont find that surprising at all.


I said since, not when.