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I know he won’t give it up, but I more talking about a change in staff leadership. The owner is never here, we all know. Then the person who he put in charge, isn’t that active either and just doesn’t really take into account the people’s thought(also gets very butthurt).


And Lake is the only one who is working hard for the YD community.


Because he has a job.


As did the former.


Okay, that’s good and all. He could at least show more passion towards this site, like @Allegrif did every damn day.


What’s your point? Would you rather have someone who has no money running the forum and it collapses within the first month?

The forum has run like bliss over the past few months and under the entire ownership of Shaz. You’re making a mountain out of a mole hill.


I can’t recall him debating regularly. Infact, I remember him hardly coming on at all.


Alex got busy, yes. But he always managed to take the time to make sure the site is operating appropriately. It seems that the only time when @Shaz or @Frankie post is when they is another outcry from the community. They make a few posts and say “we’re working on it” with a smile. Then, they’re gone again.


The site was operating fine until new rules (appropriate rules) were put into place then Bingo decided to stupidly test them and it backfired. Then everyone created a mountain out of a mole hill and it created some outcry for no reason.

God it was a couple of rules about spam not the Spanish Inquisition lmao


What’s the difference?!




People are upset because each new rule goes against the wishes of the majority of members on this site. If you don’t want people coming at your throats, maybe don’t go against what they prefer. With each rule that you come up with, you say it is “appropriate” or “the greater good” BS, when they have done nothing for this site except encourage our veterans to abandon the sinking ship.


Proper majority or the vocal majority?

I’m not a member of staff.

Again they’ve made a mountain out of a mole hill but it’s their choice to leave.


Maybe its just the vocal majority, but how the hell is anyone suppose to know whenever the staff don’t ask what the YD community wants?

Maybe have a poll on each proposal, that would be helpful.


Because in that case, the vocal majority will win again and remove rules which prevent this site from having an hostile atmosphere.

I and @liberalofthenorth have tried time and time again on Labour and Liberal Democrat forums to get people to come onto this site but we consistently get feedback such as “it’s too hostile right now”. The forum these people proclaim they are trying to save and they proclaim is dying is half true. It is not dying because of us, it’s dying because of arguments and arguments time and time again. Painting the forum as a hostile back stabbing snakey environment which nobody wishes to debate in.


The measures that have been taken so far, haven’t done anything at all. Last time there was a policy that had to do with this, leadership promoted “positive vibes” and thought we were going to start gaining members, what happened? I was gone for two months, nothing seemed to change during that time.

So do you want the YD community to just stay quiet whenever their interests and wishes for the site are not being taken into account?


Sometimes it does get out of hand, but being an aggressive debater in these discussions, is what it is all about. People are passionate about their views and beliefs. They should at least be able to show that passion and not be bound to rules that are unnecessary.


If they really cared they’d start some big group chat instead of airing their dirty laundry.


Calling someone an ‘effete weakling’ or ‘faggot’ or ‘autistic’ is plain nasty and has no place on a debating site or in a civilised debate.


Hahah that is the dumbest thing you have said. “You can only talk about your anger towards the staff outside of the site.”