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Have either of you read Karl Marx: Greatness and Illusion by Gareth Stedman Jones?

I know he’s like one of the top Marx people (if that makes sense), he’s a history lecturer at my uni, and his marxism lectures for my course were pretty damn good.


No idea. There are so many marxists out there it makes you wonder why are there still Stalinists and Maoists around. Is he Orthodox Marxist, Neo-Marxist… or what?


I know he has Marxist leanings, but that’s as detailed as I can get unfortunately.

He’s critical of Capital though, I seem to remember him specifically taking aim at the labour theory of value. If that helps define him at all.


It’s worth to notice that Marx never called it “Labor Theory of Value”. Marx referred to it, and Orthodox Marxists still do, simply as “Law of Value”. He seems to do no such arguments for what I’ve read on the net, so he might not be of any branch of socialism - at least not an existing one. Certainly not a Left-Communist or a Leninist/Trotskyist.

Apparently, he has the idea that much of 20th Century Marxism was a product of Engels. I don’t know how he justifies that. Engels wasn’t of the literary size of Marx, and he certainly did mistakes in attempting to publish Marx’s works after the latter’s death (dialectical materialism and state capitalism, lol), but to put blame on Engels for Stalin is kind of insane.


The more I read about Macron and his wife, the weirder it gets


The Economist

AN ACADEMIC economist was taken off a plane last week after a fellow passenger became suspicious. He was feverishly scribbling what she thought was “terrorist code” or foreign lettering into a notebook. It turned out that Guido Menzio, an Italian economist from the the University of Pennsylvania, was working on some differential equations for a model on menu costs and price dispersion. Thankfully, Mr Menzio was allowed back on his flight. But passengers can’t be too careful. Here are ten ways to tell you might be sitting next to an economist; police have also released pictures of two prime suspects (see above).

  1. He refuses to listen to the safety announcement because “in the long run, we’re all dead”
  2. He keeps telling you that “there is no such thing” as a “complimentary refreshment service”
  1. He avoids prolonged conversation with you because he has a “rational expectation” that you’re an idiot since you chose the middle seat
  1. But he offers to trade his aisle seat for yours in a competitive auction with the woman sitting behind you
  1. He plonks his elbow on the arm rest because space has a “higher marginal utility” for him than for you
  1. When he elbows you in the ribs, he says he is simply trying to “nudge” you into better behaviour
  1. When he opens the overhead locker, a copy of Thomas Piketty’s “Capital in the 21st century” falls out and hits you on the head
  1. But then he uses the book as a footrest
  1. He only relaxes when the plane reaches 35,000 feet because then it’s in “general equilibrium”
  1. Spends all the flight scribbling Greek letters into a notebook. Turns out it’s not a series of equations; he’s part of the IMF negotiating team en route to Athens.
  1. Adds an extra point to a “top 10 list” because he believes in “quantitative reasoning”



@k11 why change name


He’s probably embarrassed about how much he shilled for Le Pen only for her to get crushed.


forum got pretty boring and repetitive, some mods are still little fuhrers

i changed my name on thursday you socially nugatory mongrel

yet again you know nothing about the french electoral system, but what’s the point of expecting an ounce of intelligence from you after all this time anyway

yeah i was shilling for her she got crushed k let’s now shake hands and pray to allah for the continued success of the french arab republic


Ah, right. You had an autistic fit about @Bandy’s signature. That’s actually kind of more pathetic than what I’d initially assumed. You’d have been wise to let that misconception stay…[quote=“k11, post:6764, topic:104417”]
but what’s the point of expecting an ounce of intelligence from you after all this time anyway

> says the guy just about everyone laughs at.

Here is a question: are you actually a hysterical racist or just trolling for the lulz?


72 years ago.



i recommended rodina to someone and they’re like "this just looks like space engineers to me"
so after thoroughly convincing them it isn’t space engineers at all, due to sharing literally 0 mechanics, they go "i don’t think this is the game for me because the freedom of space engineers is what i love about it"
so basically they don’t want to play this game that they didn’t want to play because they thought it was space engineers, because it isn’t space engineers


“assess the impact of stock market flotation on pure gym (10 marks)”

investopedia pls save me


Just watched The Big Short. Fookin heavy film


In the bleak midwinter…


Did you like it? It’s so good!


The Big Short is lit.

The end titles are inaccurate though.


Any film which stars Bale, Pitt and Gosling is going to be a good film.

But yeah, I thought it was brilliantly made. Obviously they didn’t (and probably couldn’t anyway) cover everything, and I don’t think it was entirely accurate, but it does well to highlight how the financial crisis occurred.