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“Over. We’re coming over. And we won’t be back til it’s over over there.”



It’s 11:30 PM here, and I have a few HW assingnments which will take ~2 hours. And then I have to start writing a speech due to tomorrow. RIP sleep


He made outrageous arguments about Indians, calling them “vulgar” and “yellow black” or dirt colored. Indians followed repulsive practices such as spreading cow dung on floors and anointing themselves with oils because "in the stifling heat all the people of this nation naturally stink.

@Champion dude it seems you’d like this guy.


Activity isa boomin👍🏻




I’ll post it here, as to not derail the thread.

I know, it was a joke. I am procrastinating too, anyway. It’s so bad, in fact, that I ought to be studying for an Economics test inbound a week from now…

I noticed.

I have things to study for and loads of books to read… that I probably won’t make it past the preface anyway. As per usual. Then there is the increasingly shittier situation my country is going through at the moment, which has all to do with an incompetent right-wing government that is only useful at making more repression laws, increasing powers of the police and the state, and taking out labor and environment protection laws at the benefit of corporations. As per usual.

Social democrats gtfo.

Hope you do well at whatever you’re busy doing.



This is an antifa rallying done right.


I thought Sargon’s worst nightmare was anyone who actually knew what they were talking about?


That too.


Guess he has nothing to fear about you then.


Whatever makes you cry yourself to sleep a little less every night bb.


At least it is not being a dick to mentally disabled people.


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Here we go again…


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YDers who know me on Skype (@Joshrune, @bandy, @Chrome, and others) can tell you my personality is fine. It’s just that I’ve given up trying to talk to you, Cameronism, and others as sane people and don’t attempt to hide by disdain anymore.


MFW Sargon acts like he’s a genius for finding out what Marxists mean by “private property.” and he gets paid to talk about politics.


BadMouse Productions was actually the one who taught him that. Sadly, it’s the only thing he has learned.

If only we could get him to read these from Trotsky…