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I’d forgotten how entertaining Evola’s literature was.



It’s funny how @Chokeonnuts describes Politico as a more serious news source than Daily Mail.



Have you looked at or got any papers on the Hungarian vocational flat tax?

Everyone in Hungary pays a 2.4% flat tax on their income used solely for a vocational training fund. Productivity is growing at the highest rate in Europe, gross wages up by 14.5% YoY and unemployment is now 4.2%, down from 12% 3 years ago. I think 3% of the workforce is actively involved in a program of which a third (?) are full-time training.


it’s funny how you don’t actually @ me because you know you’re wrong
daily mail is a hot garbage tabloid and you’re a dumbass for reading it
politico is certainly biased but it’s leagues ahead of daily mail’s scaremonger clickbait
also i guess that means any news source with a cartoon panel is suddenly not real news, pack it up boys


Testing bitrate on AMD relive (its really fucking good)

@bandy i know you have a special apreciation for sexy space stuff


No, I’m pretty sure he was a dumbass before reading it as well.


>fascist trannie calling people a dumbass



> when you’re not a Fascist but some dumbass on an internet board keeps calling you one.

Very sad!


This place is toxic


you’re a corporsyndraitcnan


I have been complaining about this for a long time.


It’s funny but so unneeded :joy:


Hiel Hortler.


Oh shit he’s onto us Fran.


you certainly would, getting your ass blown out by people on this forum seems to be the only attention you get



Both of you quit it, now. We may have decided to relax the rules a little, but this is too far. We get it, you don’t like each other. You can both ignore each other, there’s even a handy button to do so automatically. Either do that, play nice, or get formal warnings.


Does anyone here read SCPs?


Yeah, it’s shit.


have been since it started in /x/