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Any tips for someone who just began playing League?

Feels like I keep playing with people who make new accounts but have high levels


play dota instead


one at a time

dota is more russian though, i have enough of those cyka blyats rushing b on my battlefield 1



If you stay long enough on the BF1 end-of-game closing credits, they give credits to their janitors too.

How was such a good company acquired by a bunch of cunts


Scottish slang is the absolute worst. Why the hell do these people even type and text with it too?


that’s kinda nice tbh


I’ve been pretty invested in the India-China standoff recently (as you can probably tell by my posts here) and it’s kind of annoying to see how little attention it gets.


kinda overshadowed by fatboy with a nuke


Which one is that? Trump or Kim? :joy::joy:


why not both


short japanese stocks, launch a nuke, get profit, build five more nukes

this man is a genius that puts ponzi and belfort to shame



@Mac1826 thank you for your donations. :two_hearts:

Only need £5 to reach my target!


KJU wears trump’s hair pretty well ngl


They are snowflakes who turn into non terrifying but still violent thugs whenever they get the chance to.


:slight_smile: lol, its more referencing american antifa then anything else, I have no clue to the state of the Australian Antifa. (its worth pointing out each chapter is independant,)


When has a conservative source ever described Antifa as terrifying?

And when has a non-Breitbart source described them as snowflakes

Nevertheless I think we can all agree they’re mostly unemployed upper-20s hippies living with their parents.


“W - w - we’re just in it for the aesthetics guys, I swear!” - the far right


DailyFail has reported that North Korea has moved an intercontinental ballistic missle to the coast. Has anyone else heard anything similar?