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@lake Still interested on my guide to Fascism? I remember you told me to tell you before posting it.


lol. your autocorrect typed “middle” instead of “missile”.

when a story like that appears, copy the headline and run it through a search window. if it’s real, everybody will have it and there will be several versions of it. if it’s fake, the majors won’t have it at all and just that one version will be spread all over the conspiracy sites. in this case, it’s a real story.


i think you would be insulting hippies if you did. hippies are about non-violence. hipsters maybe, but not hippies. in tucson, the occupy FTP faction are a bunch of disaffected college dropouts, mostly off-white. it’s pretty funny to see them screaming anti-cop slogans while getting escorted down the middle of the street accompanied by tucson’s funniest grinning like bad dogs.


i love those guys, especially when they’re pissed off at somebody. some of the names they call people are hysterical.


hipsters and hippies has become interchangeable


only in the minds of the people who don’t know the difference. the true hippie culture is still alive and well hiding in the communities we’ve built in the cracks of “snivelization” as empire crumbles under the enormous mass of our planet saying “fuck you” to the industrialist banker gangsters ravaging her life support systems with their extraction indrustries.

you aren’t even seeing many real hippies at any of these demonstrations. this video is jerry garcia telling an interviewer what hippies are about. nothing has changed. anybody you think is a hippie, but isn’t acting like somebody who thinks like jerry garcia, isn’t a hippie. hippies aren’t out to tear anything down. we just want to live uncluttered lives.


I’m a bit strapped on cash right now, if you want to get paid for it I’d rather you wait so that you’re not waiting on the money


I don’t care about money, you don’t need to pay me. I’m just bored and want an excuse to write something.


Then sure, I’ll remake the guides and articles section when I get home, would love to have your guide here.


New Battlefield 1 update is amazing. Russian Revolution👌🏻


how do you waste money like that

i’d buy the game but it’s too expensive to enjoy anything. costs just under 180 pounds for the full game with all DLCs (excluding most recent one and Premium)

i’m just a pleb so i created like 15 origin accounts to play the 10 hour trials


Paid about $90 and the DLCS are free for me. Only paid for the premium game and that’s it. Wouldn’t call it a waste.


what the fuck



Yeah, I’m not sure as to why you are having to pay so much. I pre-ordered my original copy with premium and I haven’t had to pay for a DLC.


might be why

out of interest, how much is the base game for you right now in the US?

before the discount on origin which I haven’t noticed, it was $65 dollars and is still 65 on unupdated sites


Around $40-$50.


You won’t know until you open the box!


A very large fleet battle involving my alliance is likely about to happen, with a super capital escalation.

For some scale these have ships present that in total are worth hundreds of thousands of real life dollars.
below is the biggest one that has ever occured in the game,

My alliance likely will pull the trigger on bringing in its titans and supers. If the battle is big enough it will reach global news.

It unfortunately stretches into late US to AU timezone, so i cannot fight in it.


I see you made it painfully obvious that you’re Canadian @Sharpandquic