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EVE Titans are ugly as fuck.

But goddamn.


Yeh the titan i probably will get unfortunately will be one of the last ships to get a graphics upgrade, (its probably going to be a Ragnarok)

but when they update those titans, oh man your gonna love it.

@Cameron I will show you some of eves ships that recently got graphics upgrades.


barely two weeks into league of legends and im banned for 5 mins every game already


War report from test alliance (my alliance) on last nights battle:

“Fight Night in XWY
2 Days before
Plan is created to drop an XWY fortizar. Extracting from Impass has been difficult on multiple occasions, need easy titan bridges and capital midpointing in impass. XWY is only system in Impass where ihub has been flipped, allowing a 24 hour anchor timer.
Co2 has thus far failed to kill any USTZ set citadels, call is made to up the ante to a fortizar.
Allies are informed generally to post an op for Tuesdat night @ 0230. No more information is given at this time to prevent leaks.
Super and capital pilots are given a 2day pre-ping for 0230 timer.
Super pilots are provided special fitting instructions to allow for time to acquire any additional mods needed.
1 Day before
Assist brave in winning their AX-DOT timer. Meanwhile lose our XWY ihub, threaten a supercapital escalation in euro. Enemy backs down, take their ihub, and regain XWY ihub.
Continue Citadel drops throughout the night, anchoring an additional 4 Astrahaus to continue the creation of Tactical and strategic control options.
Logistic teams provide fortizar for deployment in DTX. As well as drop ship.
Group of capital pilots begin moving 3 different small capital caches forward to DTX from D-P
Have small gangs clear up enemy camps around impass, find window and have creecher drop Fortizar @ 0245 in XWY. Un-noticed at the time. Enemy form up notice is now limited to less than 24 hours.
Remind allied forces again of timer, begin feeding any details they need. Location is still mostly withheld throughout the night as enemies have not yet noticed.
Day of
Enemies have located Fortizar, Co2 has begun calling for alarm clock CTA for 0215. TRI and SC the same although earlier. Fraternity is noted to have no ops posted.
Secret is out, begin hype pinging every 2-4 hours.
Reconfirm with allies that ops are posted and that they intend to attend. Reconfirm each attending fleet with a private conversation to an FC or leader to avoid any diffusion of responsibility confusion.
Reconfirm they aren’t bringing svipuls or something useless. Get rough idea at what overall Coalition comp and forces will be.
Reconfirm Citadel fit is ready to be deployed midfight and is in location
Begin Map study of jump ranges, identify possible routes for allies and enemies.
Begin doing my own preparation
Double check all accounts are ready to login and drop at whatever location they should be. Double check dreads are fueled and fitted, carriers are loaded and ready. Titan was low on fuel and stront, filled that. Ensure my own super fits are up to the standard I expect of everyone else.
Lend extra Hel to someone. May as well have maximum everything.
Co-ordinate with recon team, establish eyes and the need for eyes in all enemies stagers plus areas of possible concern.
Begin moving cynos, usually I prepare 2-4 cynos for events like this, I aim for 4 this time but can’t get #4 through Impass, settle on 3 cyno characters ready for drops and cyno positioning. 2 Hics and 1 Recon.
Double check and fix tether and citadel access issues on backup citadel in system.
Vigi and builder team require assistance moving more FAX to DTX for another capital cache. Pass task off but monitor success. Later empty inventory of mods trying to fit up couple more FAX. Every one could count.
Double check market is stocked for items like backup doctrine BS and SS fighters, looks good, able to handle a moderate bump.
Ensure limited ops are taking place for 6 hours before op. Don’t over fatigue pilots. Both in jump and mental fatigue.
Have FC Meetings and tactical discussions 1-2 hours before hand, get everyone roughly on same page. Identify couple minor issues, find workarounds and solutions. Identify issues allies may encounter provide them options before they realize they needed them.
Form fleet super early, have very clear motd for all ships.
Begin pings.
Nightmares under Progod first
Hold supers at login screen, everything else get in fleet early, sort questions and any issues. Realize size of capfleet requires a dreadfleet split. Sort out boosts and split. Get new FC for dreadfleet. Ensure Xit Statik has everything he needs to run dreadfleet.
Ensure all fleets have the cyno’s they need.
Coordinate with allies, ensure they are moving and not encountering any unanticipated issues. Identify likely enemy fleet formups.
Get subs into system, they bridge on a bad cyno but are not punished. Many hostile bomberfleets from Goons, Co2 and possibly more are local. Horde bombers are considered friendly for stratop.
Some allies are held at distance in some cases until enemy commits or we can be sure they will not turn towards the allied fleet rather than us.
Over 25 supers and half dozen titans are logged in and in fleet regardless of login screens request, good way to sandbag super numbers I guess.
Instruct creecher to message each titan pilot privately and ensure bosons are fit for counter bomb.
Capfleet is ready, Subcaps are in-system and ready. Cynos are ready, allies are ready.
While the pre-fght was happening we had identified Tri’s route down. There is extremely limited options for getting to Impass from detroid without pre-staging forward at least one jump or accruing some insane fatigue. Since we had been watching Tri all day we know they had no pre-staged which further limited their travel options. When they undocked their initial fleet of 100+ machs and 140+ caps, we hadn’t even truly intended to waterboard them the whole way down, just slow them down enough that they would have issues getting to system before the fortizar came online and/or just make it a shitty ride. I had forgotten how effective a couple dictors could be versus capitals however and before I knew it Tri was getting absolutely nowhere.
The call was made to let them through the JI- pass, but to continue to slow them down. We were very confident strangely enough that we could control when they could get into the fight. Farmstink and his dictor team plus XIX and their team basically had removed 350 superheavy ships with 15 dictors. They could come when we let them.
At this time also, PL began undocking their tengufleet. Knowing PL’s ramping hardon for us, I had expected to be taking this fight versus a dreadbomb from co2, Tri and PL at once, as soon as PL undocked in tengus in the numbers they did a wave of relief passed over me as my even and risky fight became something I knew we would win.
With the timer on the fortizar getting closer and closer to finishing of anchoring I was become slightly worried of blueballs. While it would be a win, as you can see, there is a lot of work that goes into a fight that never happens which would be all for naught.
The fortizar finished anchoring and began onlining. I warped my recon over and burned towards the center of the tether range. Before I could do that, Co2 something warped in, popped cyno and began bringing in a shiton of caps. This was far from ideal as I figured I would have to sacrifice a couple caps to cyno in my caps in the fashion I wanted but even then it would work out. I popped cyno on my rapier and started moving the FAX team in docking/undocking, then carriers the same. Co2 seemed to ignore my rapier for whatever reason. I also cyno’d in supers as well.
Now, Co2 is in a giant ball, 10-15km off the edge of tether. I cant draw this up any easier if I tried. I get the Fax who looks to be in the best position for it to drop a cyno and jump in my titan. I call for 2 additional titans who say they have bosons fit as well. We all appear in tether range. I wait for loading confirmation. Our caps and supers are still holding tether.
I boson into the center of them and call for the two others to do so as well. The titan with the best angle actually has a reaper fit and not a boson, but between mine and the further back titan’s boson and the not horrible oddly enough reaper damage we carve a good swath through the cap ball. A third boson likely would have been a 50%+ wipe but in the end that didn’t seem to be needed.
We then told supers to drop Fibo’s and go, carriers to go, dreads to drop at zero. We are as committed as we can be.
All allied fleets pounce, this fight has begun.
The enemy starts by primarrying me rather than the FAX that lit my cyno. Im instaneuted for a second, but reps come super quick and im almost instantly full cap and full shield. They then switch to the Grim Reaper Rag, they push him into 50% shield as he is much closer to them and further from the FAX but I triage 2 more squads and he also almost instantly rebound back to full cap and shield.
Meanwhile Tri has reached their final dest but is still being waterboarded, we haven’t decided to allow them into the fight yet.
Meanwhile, Brave Capital reinforcements are hitting their midpoint, if this battle goes long and tri gets through, help is coming.
The Brave subs enter system at this point as well, but are attacked by a new NC. fleet or eagles and bombers from opportunistic entities. They conduct themselves well, holding their ground and not giving in.
From there they enemy would primary two fax, then realize that the distance plus tank and numbers of our fax would be a losing battle. They switch to dreads. They would kill 2 FAX and 11 dreads in total.
Meanwhile the enemy caps are dropping like flies, already weakened from the AOE DD’s with 70 SC’s worth of heavies, 140 dreasd at zero and 20 titans worth of DPS coming right in not to even mention the subcaps, they cannot hold.
We decide to call off the dictors at this point but apparently Co2 has truly jumped the gun and unlike the last time, they will not make the call I did to throw away their dreadbomb for Co2. The Second bomb our backup had been waiting for doesn’t materialize, caps not even getting to shoot things is always a shame.
Everything is dying and dying quickly. We primary through the Dreadnaughts then Fax then carriers. The PL tengus are the only relevant enemy subs on grid, the Co2 hurricane fleet has to bail after walking too close to a nearby titan with boson and the nightmares are shredding them anytime they get near.
The Enemy caps are effectively alone. But they don’t die alone. Even under tidi the speed at which the enemy caps evaporate is substantial. Nobody is reshipping and coming back into this, no supers are coming to save the day. Meanwhile we lose a couple capitals, they get handed a new one and come back. I jump our FAX team 4 of 20 FAX back to DTX just incase one of the titans bumps any further as it looks like he may.
But it doesn’t matter. They all die. Bombers do more damage to our Fibo’s in many cases than the enemy and within 45 minutes even under tidi the enemy is all dead.
42 seconds later the fortizar comes online.
A fit is jumped in, a variety of ACL issues are sorted so all the allied fleets can be moved to the fort, bridged home and given the best treatment we can provide.
We chase around subs with carriers and FAX for 20 minutes, almost losing a lone carrier, but eventually PL and the rest realize the game is over and head home, leaving only some random goon jackdaws and bombers to harass us.
The field is looted, allies given the aforementioned bridges, and pats on the back are had. We couldn’t have done it without you Co2.”


It’s not every game it’ll just be an X amount of games until your low priority finishes

Stop leaving games early / dodging queue and it won’t happen


but this is shit

i was lagging and had 550 ms, my team was better off without someone with 100 deaths

like come on, it’s 1 game

how many games is it for?


I completely agree

I think 5 but it’s been awhile since I played.


i don’t understand this format anyway it should be like other games where you can join a ‘server’ 5 v 5 to destroy a nexus

the games are longer than an average battlefield round anyway


well the problem with that is the games are 40 minutes long so allowing people to just drop in and out means teams wont be consistent on a power basis


but this already exists in other games that are much shorter (like the average battlefield 1 round is 25 - 35 mins max) and people drop in and out and destroy the game balance

why wouldn’t it work if anyone joining a league of legends server got the average experience level in the ongoing game and an average level of gold?


I just opened a battlepack and got the Duke of Aosta skin for the Cei-Rigotti - the rarest legendary skin in BF1 with <100 owners.

its prob more than that now as the stats were from june but u get the point


these games are more casual than league, have more people, and are console based. Also, this is much more fitting for shooters anyway.

because it would take out a competitive aspect of the game and make champion picks relatively meaningless


I’ve got The Massoko for the Martini-Henry, is the only reason I even use that shite gun



It’s the only one-shot kill sniper, it’s brilliant


Sweet spot is a pain in the arsehole to get tho, but I’m forcing my way through the 300 kills to get the sniper variant (muh scope), currently on 200. For normal use, Gewehr 98 is bae for sniping, 95 for ultra k00l bolt-action infantry fighting


I just discovered the Eric Andre Show Interviews and my god are they amazing


So images from Barbuda show the island needs near total evacuation as >95% of the buildings on the island are destroyed and the total habitable space is not enough to house the island. A handful of homes have stayed intact (mainly medium steel low-rises). No schools, police or fire stations. Not sure about the shopping situation but I know two supermarkets are destroyed.

On the neighbouring Dutch island of Sint Marteen, a couple of roofs have picked themselves up and wondered off.


Holy Hurricane shitfest. There are three hurricanes at the same time. The Perfect Storm, anyone?


I am thinking The Day After Tomorrow.