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gotta throw in that ~8.0 (can’t remember the exact magnitude) earthquake in Mexico too


when you finish Life Is Strange and then this happens irl


I hope Mr. ‘Hurricane’ Jose has a green card else he ain’t getting in Miami is he.


Sounds like you made the plebeian ending choice.


My best friend lives in Turks & Caicos and I can’t get in contact with him because their communications have been cut off. :upside_down_face:


I hope (s)he’s ok. T&C hasn’t been hit as hard as predicted/as other islands if that puts your worries to rest


Glad I can finally watch Wigan Warriors play. Found a good streamer🙏🏻


League isn’t proper rugby.


Are you trying to fight? But what do you mean.
I follow NRL as well.


Outer wall starting to reach Miami now. 45 mph winds.


How are the forum statistics. Are we in growth or decline?


idk, but there’s a butt load of lurkers


this forum has terminal cancer

it stagnated when allegrif went inactive then started dying when he sold it. then it accelerated when the guy who doesn’t like rude words bought it for the price of a house deposit and people quit cause freedum of spek, and then the rest of the story you know.


Who would have thought that a product with no market wouldn’t take off.


depends where the stress is

‘take off’ or ‘market’

there’s certainly a ‘market’ (non-profitable) one. just take a look at reddit politics, nationstates forums, supremacy 1914 chat all filled with active posting youth of 50 000, 10 000 and 500 users in descending order. the problem is this forum has a shit layout, it’s also old, has its prejudices, has edgy people, has (or at least used to have) a reputation for nazimods and zero organisation or initiative.

‘take off’ as above, but depends on expectations. YD just needs something to do alongside it to make it worthwhile to press while opening chrome homepage. a more developed RP with some low-level graphical representation alone would do the trick to double this place. it also needs some ownership.

something like this isn’t the place for an ‘investment’ or ‘charity’. the only way something youth-politics related could be an investment is if it’s your hobby, you’re prepared to spend a few hours on it a week and it gives you profit, like allegrif. principle of incentive still works.


Early movement predictions are on Jose to be a Cat 4 trailing a bit further out from the coast (around 45-60mph winds on coastal areas) before hitting Boston on 22nd

Now that’s new and interesting.


How strong is it supposed to be when it hits Boston?


It’s not going to literally ‘hit’ as in landfall but we’re looking at air pressure of 970, 2 inches of rain an hour and winds of 50mph. Unless the course changes, but even then it’s too early to predict if it’s even going to go that far north and west. It’s a 400 mile long hurricane, it’ll have an impact as far as New York (again 2 inches of rain p/h and 40 mph winds). Not quite Sandy but yeah.

Things much worse in New Bedford MA with 70 mph winds, 2 inches of rain p/h and an absurdly low air pressure of 965 hpa. So just about a Cat 1 level storm without making landfall. Enough to suck out the ocean though.

Nantucket is fucked though. That’s a direct Cat 3 landfall. And because the island isn’t big enough to have any major cooling impact, the winds aren’t going to slow. Depending on the ocean temp. around it, it may even strengthen.


fucking Seahawks oline is shit

fucking refs are blind





@Little_Miss_Hitler dunno how much you know about this, so imma link this here.