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he got a passport finally


RIP East Coast. That hurricane was small just a few days ago, now it’s a third monster.


nice, I can get a few days off probably


I want to get in a serious fight, but I don’t want to go to prison.


Make it look like an accident. Always works.


Hurricane Lee could be forming in the next few days, as the tropical storms are intensifying in the hurricane birth area west of Cape Verde. There also seems to be a new typhoon forming west of Mexico, but these hardly ever make the news.

Typhoons, Cyclons, and Hurricanes are the same thing, but the former in the Pacific, the middle one in the Indian Ocean, and the latter in the Atlantic, btw.

This was Cyclone Mora, which hit South-East Asia this year

This was Typhoon Noru this year, which was at one point classified as a “super typhoon” before dramatically weakening during its approach to Japan.

And this was Hurricane Irma. It’s practically gone by now, as cyclonic storms arise from the sea and do not take it well when they land.


A cyclone is the name for the formation itself, not just in the Indian Ocean, but they simply use the normal scientific name in that region.

Also there’s a supertyphoon heading right through the entirety of Japan this week, hitting Fukuoka and Nagasaki as a Cat. 4 equivalent, and the alternative route is heading straight into Shanghai.

Right now it’s just north of Taiwan, giving Taipei a shitload of wind and debris.


I was wondering that, thanks for the clarification.[quote=“k11, post:8114, topic:104417”]
Also there’s a supertyphoon heading right through the entirety of Japan this week, hitting Fukuoka and Nagasaki as a Cat. 4 equivalent, and the alternative route is heading straight into Shanghai.

Is that Typhoon Talim?


I suggest MMA.


yeah it’s talim


How serious and why?


Jose is now downgraded to Category 1, however. Will it be strong enough to cause any significant damage?


Cat 1 not significant no, but it will intensify over next 1 or 2 days because it’s in warmer waters and moister air as it travels north but not too far from the golden hurricane alley. Won’t be a 4 again, but definitely a 2. Possibly but unlikely a 3. At 2 it won’t cause lethal damage but likely power outages, water shortages and fucking up anything that doesn’t have a foundation.

Also, off-topic, Irma has literally killed vegetation on several Caribbean islands.


Ah, I see. No ‘Sandy’, then. Quite a letdown.

We had a Cat. 2 equivalent here in the South Atlantic once. An extremely rare ocurrence, so much so that no structures on its path were strong enough to sustain the damage. The Brazilian government refused to believe it was a hurricane, because it’s so very rare.

Strong wind shears in the area and not quite warm enough waters make it very difficult for it to happen.

You posted that before, but I don’t remember where. Vegetation grows in a couple of years, so it’s definitely not permanent.


Sandy wasn’t even a category 1 when it hit New York. Wasn’t even a hurricane that’s why they couldn’t retire it until they settled on a special case of “superstorm sandy”

interesting stuff, though it seems by now it’s become more acceptable as it’s on all hurricane maps as it’s own hurricane forming region

in europe we’ve had one hurricane equivalent which was a cat 1 in 2014

the med is perfect for hurricanes. warm waters, cold/cool upper air levels, very moist air and enclosed currents. it’s all ruined by wind shear, convection and the terrain of coastal areas (very very high above sea level)

not me lol that’s the first time i’ve seen it and i reposted it


this hurricane season’s been fun


Cape Verde is a lovely place to holiday btw


Wasn’t it considered a Cat. 3 at its peak?

I haven’t found it on the hurricane maps. The Brazilian Navy now keeps the records of tropical storms in the area, but wind shear makes it impossible for another hurricane to happen. Also, hurricanes hitting Argentina is out of the question, since the winds here come predominantly from the mountain chains at the East, the deserts at the North, and Antarctica itself. Not to mention the cold waters. When I went to take a swim at the sea, it’s 12°C water.

There are extratropical cyclones that ocurr off the coasts of Norway and Iceland. Their formation is quite different from hurricanes, but they are cyclonic storms that can also form hurricane-strength winds and ocurr around low-pressure areas. They are quire common in Antarctica, too. In fact, if you use the site to watch the storms and turn it south, you can see the violent Antarctic weather. Several places have average winds of 60kmph.


Yeah but only in the ocean, was a cat 2 when it hit the Carib islands and that’s not enough to retire a storm as it didn’t have enough damage.

how do you live without a beach

yeah they seem quite terrible but thankfully there’s no one there

must be fun to watch all the snow moving around like in a dustbowl though


I want to bash someone’s face in until it is red. I’ve outgrown my violence, but it’s still down there under the roots somewhere.