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help america by doing that near the border


ok then steps back slowly, unclips gun from holster


You’re not a communist?


Well, I live close to a river that is technically-a-sea-but-not-quite and is contaminated. The closest beach is 200 kilometers away, and the coastal touristic centers are between 400 and 500 kilometers away. Further south the sea is way too cold.


Well, if were being generic sure, but i fail to see why that matters here




This makes me smile!

@k11 may be of interest to u


you cannot imagine how funny it is to me that 90% of these libleftists are blonde women and people of non-discernible genders


Classic propaganda from Goons in eve

(Ironic, goons are actually known for having left wing tendencies in real life, they literally qoute zizek on their corp description and have loads of socialist references in their forums and in the alliance themselves)

Explore Jaron Gittleman

the zizek qoute they have on their alliance description

Mandatory Zizek

“At the same time, there is the much more unsettling opposite idea of the domination of my screen persona over my “real” self. Our social identity, the person we assume to be in our social intercourse, is already a “mask” that involves the repression of our inadmissible impulses. But it is precisely in the conditions of “just playing” - when the rules regulating our “real life” exchanges are temporarily suspended - that we can permit ourselves to display these repressed attitudes. Take the proverbial impotent shy person who, while participating in a cyberspace interactive game, adopts the identity of an irresistible seducer or sadistic murderer. It is all too simple to say that this identity is just an imaginary escape from real-life impotence. The point is rather that, since he knows that the cyberspace interactive game is “just a game,” he can “show his true self” and do things he would never have done in real-life interactions. In the guise of a fiction, the truth about himself is articulated. The fact that I perceive my virtual self-image as mere play thus allows me to suspend the usual hindrances which prevent me from realising my “dark half” in real life. My electronic id is given wing.”




my thoughts exactly


ok for some reason the image was not coming up, its a parody of nazi propaganda, ie eve alliances use propaganda all the time, typically appropriating stuff like that on the internet implies support, the hand grenade is the internet symbol for the goons, members of something awful forums,

However goons both in SA and in eve online are actually fairly left wing in both their views and their politics, despite being pretty anti PC they have booted out people for being transphobic/homophobic and racist’s. Although you can ironically be these things in goonswarm so long as its obviously ironic and the joke is funny.


Fucking photobucket are being cancerous asshats, most of the eve propaganda i wanna show you is on there and they are forcing people to “update” their account for external hosting ie hotlinks (literally no other website does this)



Anyone who quotes Zizek unironically deserves to be launched into the sun.



Sounds like my kind of place


i dont get it


That’s a shitty multiplayer game he’s been shilling for. Just ignore him and he’ll go away.


Go have sex with your Stirner plushie, psychoanalysis is cancer.