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So is Kurdistan going to be a thing now?


hi people

This website means so much to my soul


I have decided to become a capitalist, for the following reasons: a) I have serious self deceptions issues about the fact that I am a ginger commie.


someone’s got hacked!

gave me a smile though after 4 hours of miserable lectures


yuz inshallah


this website is so dead rip


Holy shit this is depressing

Who’s left?






i like tacos

(4 months since original post was posted… as you can see, i come here often)


Omg, right? I never had a taco until about 2 years ago but they are so amazing. I have only ever had those ones that you buy from the supermarket but still :purple_heart:

God, I want a taco now :astonished:


bruh where are you from?


Wait, how have you never had tacos before???

As for me, I live in DC (USA) and there’s taco bars everywhere. Of course it’s probably not as common as some other parts of the country but tacos are way too common to be missed.


Britain :slight_smile:

Which is why I seem to be out of sync with everyone here lol. I am never online when you guys are, it seems.

I imagine that there must be one or two taco bars in London but I dont live there and there are definitely none near where I live.

Also, why are they called “Taco Bars”? Sounds alcoholic :smile:


The term “Taco Bar” may not be a thing actually - I might have just made it up without realizing it HAHA. My two favorite taco spots have cocktail bars, so I always refer to them as taco bars (I never noticed it until you pointed it out though). One of them is actually called bartaco!