The Meet?


getting film developed this week


i dont have any pics… do have the video… but joes ass is being slow at doing it!!


WDF kick his ass for us v, hes probably just playing halo anyways :smiley:


exactly what he is doing right fucking now!! lol


i dare you to get a vaccum, and start vacuming, and ‘accidently’ hit hte power button on the xbox


:funnah :funnah I did that to Boss on time when he was playing Xbox. Not on purpose though. I had my foot on the Xbox and accidentally hit the power button and he hadnt saved any of his game. If looks could kill, I think I would have dropped dead!


:rofl :funnah :rofl :funnah :rofl


Don’t fuck with us men and our games dammit!


I need to get Halo :tard


Re: RE: The Meet?



I’ve got Halo 2 but its just not my thing. I’m more into Forza. At least my Camaro on there isn’t a piece of shit. :tard


I’m buying the X-Box 360 and the Halo three pack :rock

I hope Halo is as good as everyone says :dunno


i never played halo on Xbox. i played it for a couple mins on the computer but i thought it was kind of stupid. but i hear the xbox halo > computer halo


We need to speek to Joe on this one :dunno




if you show me yours, i’ll show you mine


Halo is a very good game, espically online, i just havent played in about 4 months… kinda lost intrest… i might get a 360 im not sure


dude, i saw xbox360 demos at the local wallyworld, and


graphics were just dayumn


The 360 is like watching tv


i just went to game stop to see if they had one to play and they did. graffix are awesome. i never saw something like that from a game system before. i dint play it but i saw a guy play it and it was life like. they sell 2 versions of them. one for 299.99 and the other for 399.99