The never ending wipe

anyone else hate it when that happens? you know when you take a poop and have to go through almost an entire roll of tp because it seems to be never ending

cant say i can relate, i only need like 3 wipes max

ewwww Christopher!!!

it sucks…good thing I have soft tp

I swear sometimes I just want to slap you upside the head, yuck yuck yuck!!!

I’m just jumping into this thread to say that I have never heard anyone so obsessed with poop, pooping and anything related to them! :eek :smiley:

I know its like hes got a fetish

Im apauled that no one wants to take a dump on your chest

Oh, damn, maybe you’re right, Chris is a Scat Cat! :yuk

I’m with Bacon, it sucks!

thanks…and no I’m not a scat cat

all these threads about poop. lol. you little shit you!

haha nothing little about the one in NYC haha

lmao!! no there definately wasn’t! ran us all out!

haha…I was holding it for so long and was looking for a bathroom in the lobby I fealt so bad but hey I had to go

I dont think he’s really all the obssesed with his poo, I think he is alot more open than the rest of us (or at least me anyways) lol

I’m not obsessed with poop…I just think its funny on here…I’m usually pretty discrete about it in person and try to find the furthest bathroom away so no one else has to smell it…except when I’m at home or work then everyone gets to take in a deep breathe of it

well i think the whole hotel could smell that shit!:yuk

hahah yeah it was a good one

aint nothing worse than a bad case of mud butt…