The Official OTZ Night Shift


Here you go Shocker, I’ll even sticky it…

I will throw this in for free as well

I usually do the night shift… with my eyes closed, under the blankets… but never alone. :smiley:

Here you go Shocker, I’ll even sticky it…[/quote]Rawkz!!!

Thanx bro! Of course… you’ll be the man of the hour when drink go 'round.:rockon::usa:



[quote=“daniellllleee, post: 1095345”]NIGHT SHIFT FTW!!


Damn… I go to bed too early. :frowning:

[quote=“satinbutterfly, post: 1095347”]Damn… I go to bed too early. :([/quote]How early is “early”?

Usually between 10-11.


Another “night shift” to add to my list!! Night shift at work, night shift at OTz :smiley:

my hours only let me in OTz late at night or late evening so I’m part of the club right? :smiley:

Abso-fuckin’-lootelyy. :wink:

well that sucks…im in bed by 10pm

I guess this includes me… since I’m not even supposed to be here right now. :ninja

It’s still day time, Sam.

Yeah but in his head…It’s always dark:p

I meant on OTz during the day… brat.

:24: aww, Sam

He knows I love him…In a total non-gay way:D


What’s the OTZ Night Shift?