The Pages


The pages are too big you cant read all the info without moving the page :tard


I haven’t had that problem


The sites optimized for 1024x768


And :dunno


I can see it just fine!! Put your glasses on and move your resolution to something a bit more normal!!! LoL!!!


Mines the same way too.


Go to

Control Panel
Change your resolution from 800x600 to 1024x768

Welcome to 2005 :cool

But, if you don’t want to I’ll need a smaller much higher resolution image for the header, so that it will be small enough to not stretch the screen of those with an 800 wide but high enough quality to not look grainy for those with a larger resolution. Some with larger resolutions already complain of a grainy header look.


Will the higher resolution mess with the other programs I actualy use for work :dunno


If it makes the fonts in your other programs a bit smaller, just put the zoom in a bit bigger. If you don’t like it you can always go back. I’m surprised you haven’t had that problem before now though.


I just ignored it :banana


Damn thats some small shit :dunno





So at least your not hiding in the closet I guess :dunno


Increase the size of the test in your browser and increase the size of the icons in Windows… then it’ll look similar to 800x600


For that I would have to call Geek Squad :dunno


In IE go to tools/text size

For the DPI setting go to control panel/display/setting/advanced and change the DPI to 125


I dont see text size :dunno


MD text size is in the “View” drop down for IE :smiley:


Re: RE: The Pages

Pick what size