The Pickle Slicer


A funny joke I just read. Thought yall might get a laugh. I sure did.
John recently got a job at the pickle factory. He had been working there for about a month when his wife Mary noticed that he was becoming more and more depressed.

One day, Mary asked,“John, what’s the matter?”

John replied,“Well, Mary, I have this overwhelming urge to stick my penis in the pickle slicer.”

Mary, shocked, said,“John, maybe you should see a sex counselor.”

“No, no, I’ll handle it,” replied John.

After that John appeared happy. But then, two weeks later, he came home looking very forlorn indeed. Mary asked, “John, what’s the matter?”

John replied,“Do you remember when I told you I had that urge to put my penis in the pickle slicer?”

Mary, suspiciously:“Yes…”

John:“Well, I did it…”

Mary:“Oh God John, what happened?”

John:“I got fired.”

Mary:“What about the pickle slicer?”

John:“Oh, she got fired too.”


:rofl :lol I thought it was gonna be a machine. That’s a good one.



LOL I heard that on the Blue Collar Comedy Tour, it’s funnahh :rofl







that was pretty funny!! :slight_smile: