The Secret to a high score on Power Driver

  1. Drink a nice tall glass of V8 Splash Smoothies - Strawberry Banana flavor. Water might work just as well, or kool-aid, beer, etc.
  2. Put your favorite CD in the CD player and hit play. I prefer “One Nation Under” by Switched.
  3. Sit in a rolly spinny chair with arm rests at your computer desk. Regular ol dining room table chairs just won’t do.
  4. RELAX! Move your head around, flop your arms a bit, kick off your shoes, get naked, if you want.
  5. Take a deep breath in, exhale, start singing along to the music, bob your head to it, spin around in the chair, stay relaxed, click swing, click, click.


Disclaimer: I, in no way, guarantee you a high score by using these amazing tips of mine. They just worked for me.


my goal:

take all your trophies…

here i COME!!! :fu


real secret is hitting the F5 key alot… (refresh in internet explorer)

also ups the jackpot alot :smiley:


I just click refresh if I know it wasnt a good swing. Just a bunch of clickin for me.





he might :banana


I’ve got rabies, scabies, and tarantula babies.

I doubt he will.


bwhahaha one less trophy for you !!!




cups and rings…

i have to say… uve got some fkin FOCUS SKILLZ girl…

how do you keep your eyes open for sooo Long ?!

meh… women…


MUAHAHA! I got other kinds of skills, too. :wink :wink

Don’t take that one from me. It was the easiest one to get!

You have six-fuckin-teen trophies. Let me at least keep 1. holy hell.