The Simpsons

Does anyone here like the simpsons?

On one of the DVDs you can view the house that they built. It’s a real life house but made to look exactly like the cartoon one.

They’ve made a simpsons stamp now to celebrate the 20th aniversary this year

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | The Simpsons get postage stamps

I love the Simpsons.

One of my favourte shows, I find it hard to find fault with it. I even like the movie which a lot of people have slated. Quotes from it constantly pop into my head and make me laugh. “Its as cold as my love for you”

Used to love it up until Phil Hartman passed! I haven’t watched it in years. I haven’t seen the movie yet.

the movies really funny.

They ruined it a bit with all the trailers they put out coz they showed all the funny bits. People would have wanted to see the film without needed alot of trailers to push them along.

So was really good but woulda have been even better if I hadn’t seen the trailers beforehand