The Sprouse Twins


Okay so I’ve been arguing with my friends.
Which of the sprouse twins is hotter in your opinion?

Cole: Image result for cole sprouse
Now, I’m not saying Cole isn’t cute. He definitely is. BUT, IMO. Dylan is definitely the better looking of the two. I have a thing for long hair so I’m sure that helps in my decision.


First one’s a solid no. I’m more into girls than guys, but I’m not at all attracted by guys with long hair.


:open_mouth::open_mouth: Ugh I love long hair soooo muchhhhhh. I don’t get why people hate on guys with long hair.


Honestly, for me long hair on a guy only works with the specific Geralt of Rivia look


Ah no I love long hair in just general lol.

But honestly LOTR gives the best examples:

Sorry for all the images lol, but I’m just obsessed with long hair. If I could I’d grow my hair long but sadly my hair hates me.


I’d have to go with Cole tbh. Not a fan of the longer hair, though that’s probably more envy than anything else.


That first one makes him like like an off-brand Final Fantasy character


Lmaoo. Long hair is the best imo.

True lmao but that one is like one of my favorite pictures of a long haired guy. That sounds weird but owell lol.


It is if you can grow it… Guys grew their hair long in medieval times, I’m not that big a fan though.


Yeah no back then it wasn’t a good look lol. But yeah, my hair just poofs up and its really annoying, the sides don’t grow long enough to do anything and it sucks. But owell, I just hope I find me a guy with nice long hair.


Well at least your hair shows signs of life, mine is rather rapidly disappearing :cry:


OOf damn that sucks. You could always get a wig or toupee :wink: :wink:


Ikr, damn genes.

Gonna pretend I didn’t see that…


Just get a really good one and no-one will know lol


Lol except everyone who knows me XD


Shit, true true. It’s fine, just tell them you unlocked the secrets to the matrix.


Haha ok. But I might just have to wow people with traits other than my hair lol!


I guess. I’m a pretty vain/superficial person at times sadly lmao. I like pretty people.


Can’t blame you, I do too. I just can’t reciprocate XD


Fuck it, if you’re balding then just go full on