The summer sun hurts

I was just thinking about the warm weather and how summer is coming up and wondered what was the worst time that you have gotten sunburn?

For me I was at the beach with my friend kerrin and my mom. Well I layed on my stomach for about an hour reading the da vinci code. I was so into the book that it didn’t really seem like an hour to me. When we left the beach I was feeling a stinging all down my backside but didn’t think anything of it…but it just kept getting worse. It was to the point that I couldn’t even walk right and when they sprayed that lotion stuff on me, someone had to hold me. My entire backside was BRIGHT red and my front was white. And the only thing I could say to my friend was:

“Why didn’t you put more lotion on me?!”

Her response:

It was tanning oil, what did you want me to do?!"

haha I didn’t realize I gave her tanning oil to put on me at the time. opps!

Mine was when I spent the day on a lake fishing in Australia, I didn’t bother with sun blocker or a hat, I should have known their sun is a lot worse than ours, no ozone layer over Oz! Anyway, I burnt my ears to a crisp!:eek

ouch…i guess that would be bad…seeing there’s no fat there.

i was chilling on the tube at salt river feel alseep…ok passed out from over drunkess woke up and was redder then shit! awww the painful memories

every summer for about 4 years my immediate family and all of my cousins and aunts and uncles would go to Bull sholes lake on the Arkansas Missouri border. We would spend about a week there fishing, skiing and what not. We where all kids and you couldn’t keep us inside. By the end of the week it hurt to sit in the car for the long ride home. My hair would allso be bleached white from all the sun.

Banana Boat is the answer.

My worst ever sunburn was from the tanning bed when I was in 12th grade. I stayed in entirely too long.

i dont even remember my first sunburn. I get at least 2 or 3 a year, and usually 1 REALLLY bad one a year. I have been to the hospital twice in my life for severe sunburns…yeah I burn after 15 mins in the sun. I’m preeetttty damn sure I will have skin cancer when I get older. My dad has had at least 10 cancerous moles removed from sun overexposure. blah.

I try to avoid the sun… not psycotic like. But… think of all that harm the sun does. Wrinkles is my worst enemy… I dont want any… EVER!!!

nods Ahh, a goth!:wink: :smiley:

A goth? Because I dont want wrinkles? Learn something new everyday.

that would be hot though…im noctornal its not to bad, but the sun gives me headaches…ever since i started working graves

Im still thinking about me being a goth because I dont want wrinkles… (I dont think I will ever forget this)

Goths are sexy!

Guess Ill just be a sexy girl without the gothness to her.

I think it was 12th grade. My friend and I went to the beach and later wanted to get something to it. We were walking to the local 7/11-type store and I had sandals, but he didn’t, so halfway here I said he could use my sandals as I didn’t think the street was that hot.

So he wore them the rest of the way there and back. At night when I was home and taking a shower, I felt burning on my feet. I had burned off two layers of skin from the bottom of my feet!

So, when I went to work that night, feet wrapped up, I couldn’t walk too good, (I worked at a restaurant). One thing I remember is some kids, (7-10 yrs old), saying to their Mom how weird I looked and that there must be something wrong with me…

AND one more thing… just cuz I dont wanna look like this
Doesnt mean I am goth. I just want to avoid looking like that in the future.

That was in the underground for a reason!:yuk

SUZIE i hate you now for brining this pic back up:( i just threw up all over my selfa gqain