The three word story!


If anyone actually cares, since thread games seem to be very popular here, here is a new game we could all enjoy:

Very Simple Rules

  1. A random topic can be started with a maximum number of 4 words only.

  2. The topic must be continued with a maximum number of 3 words only, it could be anything you want - as long as the topic is prolongued and as long as the number of words rule is followed.

  3. Finally, the topic can not be ended unless a person REALLY wants to start a new one. Don’t end topics too fast, it would defeat the purpose of using imaginative vocabulary!

  4. Just keep it as stupid, as random and as creative as possible. Just have fun and follow the rules.

  5. If you’d like to add a comment in-between (if you want to say something to someone or whatever), please specify by using brackets like so [text].

  6. Don’t over post… give other people a chance to participate!!!

  7. Don’t edit your post because you submit simultaneously with another person!!! Keep the posts as they are, that’s what makes it hilarious

Here is a very cliche and super un-original starter:

Once upon a time


there was a


shitload of pineapples


which caused diarhea

[come on people! hop in, join the fun]


which made Bacon


very uncomfortable feeling


and spewed out

[I keep making new rules as I monitor this. Please follow them carefully!]


making me very


thirsty for vodka


. The vodka caused


, can you guess?,


some irritable rashes


and a hangover


which gave me

[I posted a new rule]


. The panda died


made redsMULLT1 cry…


so he said


many stomach pains


from all the


cum guzzlin fags