The Whizzinator


Need to pass a drug test?
See what some people have used to try and pass a urine drug test.


i know three people personally who’ve used it to get a job at Ingram and passed.


Really? I guess Im always the last to know anything because I had never even heard of that before until now.


Or people could not do drugs?


Re: RE: The Whizzinator

But see, thats just too easy for some people


Well then they obviously are not responsible enough to have the job they are applying for. :tard


the thing that gets them busted is the temp of the pee in the bottle…we had a couple people get busted with them because the urin temp. was too cold for just being pissed out


Whenever I’ve taken a drug test at any of my jobs, that is the first thing they do…take the temperature. It would have to have a heater on it for it to be pulled off!!


Its easier to piss all over the cup and do it later


I think a football player or something got in trouble for usuing that a while back.