The wife

just told me she wanted a divorce. That is all.

Awww Im sorry hun did you suggest counseling?

Sorry to hear that Fling. :frowning:

Sorry to hear this Fling.

I don’t think anything any of us say wil help much if this is not what you want


Ive asked about counseling numerous times she just blows it off, its my own damn fault I was a bit too flirty with someone.

If you really want it to work, don’t stop trying.

Ive fucked up too much, I really think she is done with me.

And no Im not fishing for complements or trying to be a drama whore but I am just so scared that ill never find anyone else, I mean I dont think Im ugly but I am pretty goofy looking. I got a tiny head!

Sorry man.

How old are you again?

25 years old

hmm youre young, but the thing about this is that you have a daugher in this mess and it makes it complicated. I dont know the whole story and what you did but I think I read somewhere that she cheated before so Im wondering if this isnt about you but about her. If you want it to work Id say give her some time for now but then I def say that you suggest counseling again for your daughters sake. But if she doesnt want to work counseling is not going to work either, its though hang in there for now is all I can suggest.

I think thats what ill do, the kid does make it difficult, I really think counseling would help since I am willing to admit that Im the one who needs help. I just dont think she would support me thru the process

Sorry to hear this. I’m with Audra, though - try again and see if she’ll entertain the idea of counseling.

I just cant belive I fucked up again

If u were flirting around it means that ur wife does not fulfill u as a man and u should find somebody else. I consider myself the definition of somebody being flirty… I flirt just to keep fit or something… but if I fall for somebody (which rarely happens) I do not even look elsewhere… I think u should just move on and find what is best for u… Regarding looks… gym does wonders… I love muscular men for example…
I see u have a little girl in ur arms though… Is she ur daugher? If yes… then try to save ur marriage for her sake… but if u think being together with ur wife is going to be worse for the kid than when the two of u are not together… then u should definitely get a divorce…
What did u do and ur wife asks for a divorce? Did u sleep with somebody else? If yes… why?
If u really want to save ur marriage let u wife keep her pride… promise her and mean it that u are never ever going to do it again… tell her that there will be a trial period for her to judge if u have really changed… and then she can make up her mind… Tell her that since u cheated… during the trial period she can date other men and sleep with them if she wants… that way u is going to save her hurt pride… If u really want her… u have to fight for her…

No I never slept with anyone else, and never would I just flirted around and did take it a bit too far. your right about her not fulfilling my needs, not even just on a sexual basis tho that is a big thing since we rarely have sex but also on the fact that she makes me feel like she stillwants to be with her son’s father.

Yeah, i got a tiny head too, and I ain’t all that. But I tell ya, The woman I got loves me for the person I am, not how I look

I’m in my 40’s and I’m fucking up to this day. You’re a human being - fucking up is what we do. I don’t like it when I do it either, but I still do it. And I don’t mean just in general. I mean with my wife, and my kids. But as you get older, hopefully you start to realize that fucking up isn’t then end of it all. And it’s all about forgiving each other in a relationship. If you can forgive each other, then it can work.

But at your age, there was no way I could keep a relationship going. So you’re already ahead of me. And I’m doing OK for myself now, with a wonderful wife and two awesome kids. So if I can make it to this point, don’t beat yourself up too much and have some optimism for your future. Maybe it won’t be with the person your with now, but you still have some time.

And it sounds like it’s not all your fault. Sometimes it just doesn’t work between two people - and that’s no one’s fault. This marriage thing is not easy. It’s definitely one of the hardest things I have ever tried to do. And add a kid or two into the mix . . . forget about it. But I won’t give up trying, and I’m lucky enough to have a wife that won’t give up on me. They are out there.

Sorry about rambling on - probably didn’t help much. I hope things work out for you.

The looks thing is just because attraction has to be there, no you did help, you said some things that I can use to try to get her to give it another chance