The Worst Offense


I wanna ask you what is the worst offense someone can commit.

I have compiled a poll consisting of 5, the fifth being other. The other 4 are rape, murder, betrayal or robbery.

Each are horrible in their own rights.

Rape strips you of your dignity.
Murder strips you of your life.
Betrayal just hurts, like nothing else.
Robbery removes all sense of safety you have.

What is the worst?


ive been raped, robbed, betrayed… and have seen murders (from work) and I would say that BYFAR rape is the worse. I makes you feel weak and like you dont have control. I was raped when I was 16 at a friends house. The guy was doing crank and raped me in my sleep. Keep in mind, I was fluent in taekwondo and couldnt defend myself. It was a horrible situation… worse part was I was afraid to tell anyone, so he wasnt prosecuted… but now adays, he is a crack head w/ no teeth, ect… Im sure he got what he deserves. Hopefully one day he will be shot in the head.


I agree with Vs. I think Rape is one of the worst. Murder takes you out of the picture. But Rape leaves you with that weak, defenseless feeling that will go far beyond that of being robbed. You can have a lot of defenses against robbery, but if that large horny fucker wants sex, he’s going to get it one way or another no matter what you try.


i agree with Vs i spent 7 years of my life being raped beat and abused by some one who claimed to Love me and he even brought his G/F to the house as if she was GOD … Seen my brother nearly kill my Dad … and watched my Grand ma die in front of my eyes … So i do agree with V :frowning:


rape is the worst in my opinion. if one of my friends was raped and i found out about it i would prolly kill the person who did it. my first girlfriend was raped several years before i dated her and she never would tell me who did it b/c of the way i reacted when she told me about it. i like on of my friends dads thoughts on rape…heres what he said he would do if it ever happened…" i’d nail his dick to a stump with a rusty nail…in the middle of a bulk barn, i’d then hand him a butter knife(rusty as well) and light the building on fire…he makes his own decsions from that point." sounds like a good punishment to me …well a good place to start the punishment.


I always thought doing a LOrania Bobbit… are cutting it off and feeding it to him would have been good :frowning:


I agree with all of you. I have nothing but hatred for rapists and child molesters. I have dated a couple of girls that had been raped. I wish I could meet one of them face to face. Just 5 minutes alone. And I could only hope that god would show him mercy, because I sure as hell wouldn’t. I would have no remorse or quams about torturing and killing them.
They all should fucking die.


rape is evil, but betrayal… (silence)


how about all of the above :dunno


Murder. Maybe I’m not sensitive enough but… would you rather be raped or killed :dunno




Re: RE: The Worst Offense

I’d rather be killed than raped. I wouldn’t feel like shit cause I got killed. I wouldn’t know the difference.


:agree I would have to be killed to be raped. Either way someones gonna die out of that deal. Either me or the other.


Wow, so many of us experience rape. I too was raped. But, now, almost 20 years later, I am still alive living a full wonderful life. I have a wonderful husband, and three absolutely wonderful children. My life is, for the most part, very good.

As much as it takes to get over being violated in such an act as rape, if he had murdered me, it would be over. I’d have no life 20 years later. I’d have no children to make me happy and love me.

While I’d never choose to experience any of the above, if I had to choose between being raped or murdered…I can always go home to my husband and cry.

As far as you know “knowing the difference” if you were murdered…what about the people you left behind. You can get over a rape…and they still have you to help you get over it. But if you are gone, how many people will no longer have a mother/father, daughter/son, sister/brother. Yes rape is one of the most horrific things a person can live through…BUT you do live through it!!!

I guarantee if any of you were honestly in a situation that you had a freak giving you the choice…there is not one person that would actually say they wanted to die rather than live through a rape.

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!!! JMO!


I would say murder, rape is horrible but if you have a child rape will make her feel physically and mentally defenseless but if she was murdered, there will be no telling her “I will protect you” or feeling of being able to protect someone. I hope I am not sounding cold but a rape victim will laugh and smile in the future after that horrible experience, but a murdered one will not. A rape victim can see there brothers, sisters, children grow up, a murdered one will not.


but think, children that are molested are the ones that grow up and committ murder.

and carebear, I too and fine now. I have a husband that is supportive of me and my 2 kids, so I am stronger now. I cant believe so many of us have been raped. I was so young when it happened and stupid about it, I should of reported it. I dont know how joe felt when I told him about it.


This is a very strong and sensative question I would have to say I would rather be raped than killed you cant get revenge if your dead…but I would prefere not to be killed or raped. I think Murderers and rapists should face capital punishment but you also have to remember that statutory rape is not always a capital crime. I am sure many people in this forum have been either involved or would have been involved with a minor when they were 18. A lot of people are 18 and still in Highschool if they have consentual sex with a younger party I dont feel that should be considered rape :dunno


WOW after it happeneing all those years ,YOu know i never thought about killing myself but my brother has letters i wrote him and i re read them and my state of mind was really something i never thought i was thinking …I just wonted to figure out a way to get away from him after all he threatened to Kill me 3 times :dunno


Tazzy :dunno


What Red??? :smiley: