Theresa May to make statement at 11:15


Labour people wake up at 12pm


Jeremy Corbyn stating that Labour will back the snap election.


#Memes are starting to appear


Corbyn is officially voting against his own future


Rumour going around that lots of Labour MPs will not be standing in the election.


SNP have made a mistake calling for referendum. They are unable to, unlike in 2015, to say that voting SNP is not a vote for independence.


Are they literally performing seppuku right now?!


Labour are great at making themselves look like an organised and electable party


Brave - and right - decision by PM @Theresa_May. My very best wishes to all Conservative candidates. @Conservatives

— David Cameron (@David_Cameron) 18 April 2017


Imagine what Labour’s poll rating will look like when CCHQ actually start bothering to campaign against Corbyn.


Fingers crossed Jeremy Corbyn


I miss Dave. I may not even be in the Lib Dems if he stayed.


One Labour MP with 93 majority is already going to vote against GE


Dear Momentum and your attempts to deselect Labour MPs,




Theresa May is one fine bitch when it comes to polling


I need to look into this Not Sure fellow.


Oh my god the election in France as well I’m bursting with energy


It wasn’t really relevant


god sake howard